Naked Florida Man Tased By Police After Attacking People At A UFC Gym

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A boxing class at the UFC Gym in Midtown Miami took an unexpected turn when one of the participants stripped naked and started attacking people. He would eventually be tased by police.

Video from inside the gym shows the man, already undressed, attacking and throwing punches at others who were trying to workout. The man is seen in the footage wrestling with a man before trying to put some of his boxing training to use.

Naked Florida Man Tased By Police After Attacking People At A UFC Gym
UFC gym in Concord, California Photo courtesy Sftm. (Photo by Gado/Getty Images)

Prior to stripping naked and losing his mind on his fellow gym-goers, the man was struggling his way through his boxing class. The instructor described the man as off before the incident.

“The boxing coach said he was a little off, he wasn’t hitting the bag as usual,” said assistant general manager Ray Lopez. “The member walked his way downstairs and he was just acting very bizarre.”

When the man’s bizarre behavior turned physical, gym employees had to step in. They had a difficult time getting him under control, but when they did he was picked up and carried out of the gym.

“He was just becoming dangerous, so at that point, the coaches just picked him up and took him out, but I just hope he gets the mental help he needs to overcome this with whatever he’s going through,” Lopez said.

The man didn’t snap out of whatever he was going through once outside of the gym. He turned his attention from those in the gym to random people on the street on the outside of it.

Video from outside the gym shows him continuing to harass and punch people. That includes an elderly man in a wheelchair.

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The Miami Police eventually arrived on the scene. When the man failed to comply with the responding officers’ commands they used a Taser on him.

While it didn’t initially stop him, the officers were eventually able to take him into custody.

“They gave him many commands to stop and comply in, which he completely disregarded,” said Miami Police spokesperson Kiara Delva. “Our officer was forced to discharge his Taser, at which point, they were able to place him into custody.”

The man was taken for a mental evaluation while detectives determine what charges he will face. The gym went ahead and canceled the man’s membership.

Somewhere buried in the terms and conditions of the gym membership is apparently a mention that you must keep your clothes on and not attack others. Right around the the section dedicated to not working out too loud.

Written by Sean Joseph

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