‘Naked And Afraid’ Contestant Burns Penis While Filming

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Naked and afraid… and in considerable pain down there.

A contestant on the survival reality show Naked And Afraid has revealed that he accidentally burnt his penis while filming the series’ upcoming 15th season.

UK contestant Sam Mouzer was shooting an episode of the Discovery+ series with his co-contestant, Lilly Jammerbund. The two were sleeping near their campfire, as one does when they are naked and afraid out in the wilderness.

However, Mouzer was jolted awake by a sharp pain to what he described as his “little soldier’s helmet”. It turns out that a rogue ember shot out of the open flame and made a beeline for the Brit’s exposed member.

Fortunately, medical professionals were on set and tended to Mouzer, who was reportedly in good spirits.

This is not the first time someone’s genitals have faced some degree of trauma on Naked And Afraid. Last year a contestant found a leech doing what leeches do.., on his “man goods.”

Still, I’m going to commend the series for having a pretty good track record when it comes to safety in this respect. After 15 seasons without countless instances of male genital trauma? That’s pretty damn good.

I have a theory that a large portion of a man’s reptilian brain is devoted to protecting their genitals. I feel like for most, one of your fastest reflexes is trying to shield yourself from anything flying around just below waist level.

Out in the wilderness, there’s nothing but things that could cause problems for your package. Animals, low-hanging branches, cold water, and — as we now know all too well — fire.

Good on the Naked And Afraid production team for a pretty solid wang safety batting average, but unfortunately, we’ll have to reset their “Number of Days Since Incdient” sign.

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