MyPillow Guy Tells Glenn Beck that Anderson Cooper Might be Trying to Destroy Him

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Last week, MyPillow creator Mike Lindell got into it with Anderson Cooper. The CNN anchor confronted Lindell for endorsing oleandrin, a potential treatment he pitched to President Trump.

At one point during the entertaining back-and-forth, Cooper asked, “How are you different than a snake oil salesman?! You have no medical background. There’s no evidence of the substance. It hasn’t been tested in animals or humans.”

Tuesday, Lindell discussed the segment with Glenn Beck and said Cooper is trying to destroy him.

“I don’t know why he was getting angry, you know, was it because I kept standing my ground? I don’t know,” Lindell told the radio legend. “It’s like he’s trying to destroy me and I’ve never backed down in my life… You’re kind of doing some frivolous things here, Mr. Cooper.”

Lindell stuck by the product. Beck seemed to agree: “it’s like hydroxychloroquine. It’s almost as if people don’t want things to work.”

This battle might not be over yet. If there is anything that bothers CNN more than Outkick creating news, it’s Glenn Beck creating news.

You can watch the interview here:

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. To be honest, I have no idea why people with a conservative bend go on any of these CNN or MSNBC shows. The hosts don’t care what their position is and you’re not going to change their mind. All they’re going to do is try and play gotcha and embarrass the guest.

  2. Is this the same Anderson Cooper that was a guest of Jeffrey Epstein on the Loilita Express plane to Epstein’s Pedo Isle off the Virgin Islands?
    Not Lolita Express though as it might have been called the Johnny Express.

  3. To be fair, Lindell could only site a study that said it was safe to take based on 1000 people taking it. He could not specifically site a study that pertained to Covid 19. I watch Tucker every evening and Fox and Friends every morning and I don’t remember anyone talking about Oleandrin as a treatment for Covid 19. I think the only thing I saw related to this drug, on Fox News, was this exchange between Cooper and LIndell. Just to be clear, I can’t stand these people on CNN and MSNBC. John, I agree, I don’t really know why Lindell went on there. So ask yourself this, if Tucker Carlson asked the exact same things and Lindell answered in the exact same way, what would your opinion of Lindell be?

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