Move Over Larry Bird: Lightning Quick Ballboy Leaves Celtics Players Impressed

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Larry Bird doesn’t have shit on a current Celtic. No, I’m not talking about Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. I’m typing away about a current Celtics ball boy who has All-Stars awestruck.

The man (or is it boy?) that has Boston buzzing is Octavio Cruz. And Cruz has the type of jets Larry Legend could only dream about. I’m talking the type of wheels that would instantly curl Bird’s ’80s pornstache if he were stationed nearby.

See for yourselves, courtesy of Wednesday evening’s Nets-Celtics game and a little floor sweat.

Celtics Ballboy Impressed Boston’s Players

I have no idea what Cruz gets paid, or any ballboy for that matter. My guess is: $25 a game, unlimited Gatorade and the occasional Celtics beanie. Whatever it is, it’s not enough. And I’d imagine Celtics players would agree.

They’re already impressed and of the opinion that Cruz could have a future spot in the NFL if the ballboy thing doesn’t pan out.

“Honestly, he should sign up for the NFL combine,” Boston forward Grant Williams told NBC Sports Boston. “The way he moves, the way his body moves. Really just the explosiveness that he plays with, his pursuit speed. He did a great job going from a three-point stance and getting out of it. That burst was incredible.”

Grant Williams is among the Celtics players impressed with the team’s ballboy. (Getty Images).

Williams acknowledged what those in the arena and those viewing from home saw with their own two eyes – Cruz can scoot!

“I’ve never seen change of direction like that,” added Williams. “And the awareness side, because he was able to turn his head, see the blockers coming, and he was able to get around them. He did a phenomenal job.”

Larry Bird could only dream of displaying that much athleticism inside The Garden…

Larry Bird starred for the Boston Celtics but rarely put on a show like Octavio Cruz did. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images).

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Written by Anthony Farris

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