Most Americans Believe Putin Would Not Have Invaded Ukraine If Trump Were President

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Biden showed no spine, which is why Americans aren’t showing support.

According to a Harvard-Harris poll, relayed by the New York Post, a great majority of Americans believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have been deterred from invading Ukraine if Donald Trump were still President of the United States.


Per the poll’s results:

“The view was held by an overwhelming 85% of Republicans, but also 38% of Democrats. A further 59% of voters said Putin had decided to invade because Putin sensed weakness on the part of President Biden, while just 41% said that view had not played a role in Putin’s decision.”

President Joe Biden was pressured to have a retaliatory moment during Thursday’s delayed address to the American people and the rest of the globe.

Instead of inspiring an end to the conflict in Ukraine and its capital city of Kyiv, Biden’s proposed sanctions were seen as a feeble move meant to do little in deterring Putin from continuing to pursue the start of a potential third World War.

Since the start of Putin’s invasion on Wednesday, the media has argued that Trump’s connection to Russia — a narrative fomented by the Clinton campaign — has put the world at stake.

Rather than addressing the staunch opposition that Trump promoted against Putin — vying to restrict Russia’s selling of oil to places like Germany — Democrats have desperately attempted to resurface the Trump-Russia collusion story to deflect criticism from Biden’s feckless leadership, which reached its apotheosis this past week.

OutKick founder Clay Travis responded to the new poll on Saturday and got down to brass tacks on what the people think of Sleepy Joe.

Clay tweeted: “62% of Americans don’t believe Putin would have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still president, 59% of Americans believe Putin invaded Ukraine because he believed Joe Biden was weak. I agree with both majorities here.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. The level of consistent, mind boggling negligence in regards to America’s clear best interests shown by this administration in virtually every aspect of governing makes one wonder if it’s not some form of sabotage. I’m not joking.

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