Morgan Freeman Joins Taylor Sheridan’s Upcoming CIA/War Series

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Morgan Freeman has joined the cast of “Lioness.”

The highly-anticipated series from Taylor Sheridan will focus on real programs that used female military members to help dismantle terror networks. Specifically, “Lioness” will focus on a CIA program and a female Marine.

Freeman has been cast as fictional Secretary of State Edwin Mullins. Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldana are already in the cast.

Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman and Morgan Freeman will all star in Taylor Sheridan’s “Lioness” series. The series chronicles female military members being used to help dismantle terror networks.

Morgan Freeman is a great addition to “Lioness.”

As I wrote not that long ago, “Lioness” sounds like an awesome series, and it will tell a story that will be at least loosely based on facts.

Unbeknownst to the public, highly-trained women have been attached to special operations teams to help take down terrorists. The most elite was the CST, which put in work in Afghanistan and other places.

I spoke with former Unit member Jesse Boettcher, and while he was a bit tightlipped about the women who serve in elite roles, he made it clear they are incredible assets. Seeing as how he served in our nation’s most elite unit, I think you can take his word for it.

Now, Morgan Freeman has joined the cast of “Lioness,” and it’s the latest sign the show will be awesome. As “Yellowstone” fans know, everything Taylor Sheridan touches turns to gold.

The entire “Yellowstone” universe is great, “Wind River” is an all-time great movie and there are plenty of other examples. The man is currently at the top of the entertainment world.

Bringing Morgan Freeman into the fold for “Lioness” is a great move, and it should make sure fans get an epic series.

If you haven’t heard about these female operators before, I recommend you do some research. There are some incredible stories out there.

Lioness” has no official release date yet. It’s likely we will see Morgan Freeman and company in late 2023 or early 2024 on Paramount+. We’ll definitely be following along at OutKick.

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