More Children Have Been Shot This Year In Chicago Than Have Died From COVID In The Entire U.S.

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You know a story that CNN isn’t telling you about? Don Lemon & his fellow losers who are drilling COVID fear porn into the heads of parents across this country on a nightly basis don’t want anything to do with what’s going on in Chicago where the blood of children is being spilled at a rate that should create major headlines on CNN.

An analysis of shooting data and CDC data shows that more children have been shot in Chicago (280) this year than have died due to COVID in the entire United States (214). More children have been shot and killed by gun violence in Chicago this year (35) than have died of COVID in the entire state of Illinois (15) since the pandemic began.

Over the Labor Day weekend alone, eight Chicago children were injured by gunfire, including a four-year-old boy who was killed in a shooting. ABC-7 reports that over a 12-hour period from Saturday night into Sunday morning, six kids were shot.

In 2021, 280 children have now been shot in Chicago with 35 children dying from gunshots.

The four-year-old boy, Mychal Moultry, who was shot over the weekend, was having his hair braided when someone opened fire through a window, killing the boy, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown told the media.

You know who didn’t SAY HIS NAME? That’s right, CNN. Nothing from Don Lemon or his fellow losers. They were too busy drilling that fear porn into suburban moms and dads.

Mychal Moultry / via Facebook

In another Labor Day weekend case, a 13-year-old boy was shot in the head while in the basement of his home. Someone shot through a basement window. That’s right, it appears the boy was targeted at 8 p.m. while living life in the basement of his home.

He’s currently in the hospital dealing with being shot in the head.

Don and his fellow losers don’t care about these kids. They don’t care about the 100,000 kids the Chicago Public School expect to disappear from the school system. 30% of Chicago school students were identified in late August as at risk of not attending classes in 2020-21. Let that sink in.

If Don and his fellow CNN losers cared about any of this, they’d be riding Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot’s ass nonstop. They’d be screaming from the rooftops that Chicago is a complete disaster for children.

Don doesn’t care. He has fear porn to drive into suburban mom’s head. Chris Cuomo doesn’t care. Anderson Cooper is too busy interviewing Anthony Fauci about the Mu variant or some other scary variant that will terrify Julie in Milwaukee.

They’re not going to call out the Democratic mayor. They’re not going to call out the Democratic governor.

But they’ll make sure to unload the goods the next time there’s some sort of red meat Black Lives Matter storyline.

Meanwhile, Chicagoans plan another funeral for a child gunned down.

“It hurts because it’s our community and shouldn’t have to live to like this,” an unidentified woman told the Chicago Tribune. “We have to do better. He don’t even know why he’s gone. Stop the killing!

“To the mother and the father, I’m so sorry for your loss,” she added. “Family, friends, God bless you all. Keep your strength because you’re surely going to need it.”

The Tribune reports police recovered 27 empty shell casings from a .45-caliber and a 5.7 mm rifle in the death of Moultry.

Let’s start with the deaths of minors in Illinois via COVID:

Illinois children COVID deaths

Now let’s compare that to children who are being shot & killed in Chicago:

Now let’s look at Chicago shooting statistics vs. COVID across the United States:

CDC COVID totals children 2021

Written by Joe Kinsey

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