Trans Student Makes ‘Hit List,’ Allowed To Stay In Far Left School

A transgender student at a far left school district near Boston has been allowed to remain in school despite creating a "hit list" of students and teachers to target.

If there was any remaining doubt as to who's at the very top of the societal hierarchy these days, that should end it.

The Daily Mail reported on leaked emails that showed how the school district decided to handle the clear and present threat of a transgender student, by name, effectively threatening to harm 40 individuals. And instead of accountability, responsibility and consequences, they called for "empathy."

A group named Parents Defending Education (PDE), acquired the emails in a records request, which revealed the horrifying lack of awareness and misplaced priorities of school administrators. According to the Daily Mail, school officials discovered the "hit list" on the student's computer, and immediately set about to ensure that every possible excuse was made to justify their actions.

Instead of expelling the student or warning parents, they emailed each other saying they should have "empathy for the creator," should create anti-bias training as well as an "LGBTQIA+ affinity group" with "urgent" priority.

It's yet a cautionary tale for placing group identity over rational, common sense thinking.

Transgender Student Given ‘Higher Priority’ Than Others

The Daily Mail spoke to a PDE researcher, Casey Ryan, explaining succinctly how school officials exquisitely demonstrated the absurdist thinking at the heart of identity politics.

"The district placed a higher priority on the transgender student's comfort than the safety of 40 other individuals," Ryan said.

This story comes just a few days after another transgender individual had allegedly planned a school shooting in Maryland. And after another arrest of a sex offender attempting to kidnap a child at school.

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Far left politicians and school officials created this problem by placing transgender individuals at the top of the social food chain, meaning that individuals bear little responsibility for their actions. Instead, society is to blame, an ethos espoused by school principal Jennifer Chen Fein in another leaked email.

Instead of concern over the clear mental issues this student faced, Chen Fein's email said that the school should address "anti-trans and other biased behavior" in classes.

If a student not belonging to a favored identity group had created a "hit list" of 40 people, reactions from school officials undoubtedly would have been different. But for the far left administrators that run the education system, protecting their political ideology comes first. Protecting everyone else? Not so much.

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