Moral Authority King LeBron James Applauds Deshaun Watson In Stunningly Tone Deaf Tweet

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Ex-Cowboys fan and moral lecturer LeBron James massaged Deshaun Watson’s ego on Sunday in a middling battle between the Browns and Commanders.

Yes, the same Watson that faced over 20 accusations of sexual assault / misconduct and was suspended by the NFL for 11 games for violating its personal conduct policy. BFFs with LBJ.

“Yessir D Watson!! Another one. That boy getting his rhythm back!“ James tweeted.

LeBron’s Flex Turns to a Flop

Out of all the guys LeBron could’ve backed, he really went with Deshaun, the serial massage “enjoyer.” Between tweeting about social justice, failing to ever speak up against his business roots in China and supporting questionable characters, LeBron’s timeline remains about as messy as the Lakers’ season.

James, whose suspicious friends circle includes domestic-violence suspect Miles Bridges, gave “D” Watson a shout-out online as the Browns needed three quarters to gain a lead over the Carson Wentz-led Commanders. Big whoop.

Not even the broadcast wanted anything to do with Disdained Watson. Keen viewers noted during the game broadcast that Watson only had a handful of appearances on screen throughout his three-touchdown performance. After all, who would want to support Watson. Other than LBJ.

James was grilled on Twitter for being Team Watson.“Thought he was hacked for a second no way this is real,” one commenter said.

“You stopped being a Cowboys fan because of Jerry Jones but you are now actively rooting for Deshaun Watson!?” another response read.

Whatever strokes his ego.

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