Miles Bridges Appears Set For NBA Return After Allegedly Beating Wife In Front Of Their Kids

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WARNING: Graphic images included

Talent will always trump any heinous act committed off the court in the NBA. If you can ball, you can get paid.

Take Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges, who’s eyeing a return to action, and slated for a new contract, six months after being arrested for physically assaulting his wife in front of their two children.

On July 19, Bridges pleaded not guilty to the felony domestic assault charge.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, sources close to the Hornets relayed that the team and Bridges are in advanced talks to bring him back to the team.

Bridges’ arrest occurred a day before NBA free agency as the 24-year-old was ready to test the market. Bridges had a career year in 2021 — averaging 20.2 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 3.8 assists for Charlotte.

Hornets Bring Back Troubled Player To Save Terrible Season

He missed time this year as Charlotte allowed the dust to settle regarding his arrest.

Meanwhile, other teams were reportedly interested in signing the former 12th overall draft pick.

Police arrested Bridge in late June. Bridges was charged with felony domestic violence and child abuse.

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The NBA player fled from his residence after Mychelle Johnson called authorities amid the alleged assault. Bridges turned himself in a day later and was released from custody after posting $130,000 bail.

As reported by OutKick, Johnson’s hospital detailed that she had suffered a brain concussion, closed fracture of the nasal bone, contusion of rib, multiple bruises and strain of neck muscle.


While the basketball community reacted negatively to Bridges’ actions, the Association itself seemed agnostic over the arrest.

Lakers forward LeBron James was scrutinized after sharing a laugh with Bridges during a Charlotte vs. LA matchup this month.

Johnson posted photos of the alleged physical incident, via Instagram, with the following caption:

“I won’t allow the people around him to continue to silence me and continue to lie to protect this person. It’s unethical, it’s immoral, it’s truly SICK.

“It hurts my heart because I’ve always had hope, and so much love and as scary as this is for me to do it’s time I stand up for myself. I won’t be silent to protect others anymore because I value myself and my kids more than.”

The Hornets are 14th in the Eastern Conference with a 9-24 record.

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  1. “Talent will always trump any heinous act committed off the court in the NBA. If you can ball, you can get paid.”……Let’s be a little more specific……if you’re a BLACK athlete in ANY sport, you get a “get out of jail” card….every time.

  2. The women’s movement is a total fraud. They don’t give a shit about women. They are left wing Democrats and political activists who only go after White men. Black men fall into the category of protected class. The NBA sucks. Don’t watch.

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