MNF Crew Member Whines About Troy Aikman Flying In A Private Jet, Not Hanging Out With Crew Outside Of Work

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ESPN recently announced that it is swapping out its director and producer for Monday Night Football next season. The previous MNF director and producer are being moved to the network’s college football coverage and not being fired, but following the move various crew members are voicing their complaints about Troy Aikman.

Aikman and Joe Buck made their debuts as the lead broadcasters for MNF last season. NFL fans already have their strong opinions about the two as announcers, but for the most part, their debut season was a strong one.

Nevertheless, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post and others pointed the finger at Aikman for forcing the staff changes. Stephanie Druley, ESPN’s Head of Studio and Event Production, denied the allegation telling Awful Announcing “we can say unequivocally this decision was made solely by me and our management team. Period.”

Some of the MNF crew members aren’t buying Druley’s statement and have since come out anonymously to bash Aikman.


During the first MNF broadcast of the season, Aikman complained that a telestrator he was trying to use wasn’t working. He made multiple comments about it on-air and at least one crew member still hasn’t gotten over it.

“It all started week one, he was dogging the crew and gear on the air when he couldn’t figure his telestrator out. He couldn’t figure it out because he shows up on game day. Didn’t practice,” a contractor on the MNF team told Awful Announcing.

“So before halftime, our director had already gotten operations to call someone at Fox, find out exactly what model he used for years prior, and had it shipped in for the next game.”

Aikman didn’t call out anyone by name and there are no reports of him having anyone fired, he was simply frustrated with a piece of equipment.

Troy Aikman doesn’t hang out with the MNF crew outside of work, and one member is sad about that. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

MNF Crew Member Upset About Troy Aikman Flying In A Private Jet

While crew members being frustrated with Aikman and his teleprompter concerns is one thing, one source being upset that Aikman flies on a private jet is another.

“Troy travels on his private jet on Monday mornings and flies home after the game,” said a source. “He could not be further removed from the crew and I would confidently say that he knows maybe 10 people on a crew of like 150+ people.”

“Never came to a camera meeting. No crew outings. Nothing. You’d think someone who is going into a long-term, big-money contract at a new network would come in and try to make it home,” a separate source said.

Aikman’s sole responsibility is to stand next to Buck and call NFL games on Monday night. How he gets to the city he’s calling the game in shouldn’t be a concern. The anonymous source complaining about him not hanging out with the crew is strange and a bit immature.

I too would want to hang out with a three-time Super Bowl winner and Hall of Fame quarterback if they were my co-worker, but I would also understand if they wanted absolutely nothing to do with me outside of the office.

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