MMA’s Colby Covington Jumps All Over Chinese ‘Finger Puppet’ LeBron

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UFC’s Colby Covington, who’s been out of the headlines since beating up woke “domestic terrorist sympathizer” Tyron Woodley back in September, came roaring back with a vengeance over the weekend when he took direct aim at LeBron James as a “stick to sports” war erupted between Chairman Bron & international soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović.

It was Ibrahimović firing the first salvo last week when he told Bron to shut up and dribble. Bron wasn’t having it, so he fired back over the weekend with a proclamation. “I’m kind of the wrong guy to actually go at because I do my homework,” Bron Bron told the media and Zlatan.

That infuriated Covington, who announced, “I’m sick of these woke athletes and these spineless cowards like LeBron James,” after disposing of “woke” Woodley.

Covington wants to know when Bron Bron’s going to use this homework he’s done to speak up about the situation in Hong Kong where history books are being rewritten for children to be indoctrinated in school.

“You make millions playing a kids game and talk about ‘social justice’ but have no problem paying Chinese women in sweatshops pennies to make your products. Slimeball,” Covington tweeted.

This whole war of words started when Zlatan told Discovery+ that it’s “a mistake” for LeBron and other athletes to get involved with politics. “Just do what you do best, because it doesn’t look good,” the soccer star told the network during an interview.

“Do what you’re good at. Do the category you do. I play football because I’m the best at playing football. I don’t do politics. If I would be a political politician, I would do politics,” Ibrahimovic added. “That is the first mistake people do when they become famous and they become in a certain status. Stay out of it.”

Clay has covered the LeBron-China thing in the past, and it’s best to go back and listen to what he said in June 2020:

“LeBron James makes 10s of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars from Nike. The reason that LeBron makes so much money from Nike is because his shoes are so profitable for Nike. Why are LeBron James’s shoes so popular for Nike? Because they’re made by virtual slave wages around the world by largely minority populations.

“Nike goes to Asia, and they pay 50 cents an hour or lower to workers in Asia to make LeBron James’s Equality Nike sneakers. So LeBron James is making money off of virtual slave labor. That’s how LeBron James makes so much money from Nike. Imagine if LeBron came out and said, ‘Hey, I have seen what’s going on in America today.

“‘There are 40 million people unemployed, roughly. A huge percentage of the unemployed are minorities in this country. I grew up in Akron, Ohio, I know how important getting a job is.’ What if LeBron went to Nike and said, ‘Hey, I want all of my shoes made in America, and I want all of the workers making them make a living wage to do so.

“And if that means that we are going to have a less profitable shoe for Nike, that’s okay. I’m willing to take a lot less money to make America a better place and to lift out of poverty 10s of thousands of people that Nike could employ in this country to make these shoes.’”

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. Covington is great. James continues to be a fake militant. And as I’ve said before, I’m betting many an NBA player, those that actually grew up impoverished and might have actually played real cops and robbers growing up, think he’s a clown. Outkick, please do a retrospective on James’ hate crime claim a few years ago. I’d love for you guys to take us readers on a walk down memory lane. I remember Clay being the most outspoken about this alleged incident on his radio show. Everyone else in media seemed afraid to call this fraud out. Let’s get our hands on some police reports. Find out what investigation was done. Any suspects yet? A reward for turning in the crazy white supremacists who committed the atrocity?

  2. “I’m kind of the wrong guy to actually go at because I do my homework,”

    Is that supposed to be an English sentence? Seems like you don’t ‘do your homework’, because that sounds like a sentence a third-grader would compose…

    • Hahaha exactly! LeBron with his upside down Malcolm X book that he improperly quoted, hahahaha what a joke. Hey he does wear those fake glasses though, that makes him look smart. Scott Van Pelt called the Queen smart so there is that too.

  3. There’s 3 things that are factual about LeBron away from the basketball court……He hates America, he hates white people and he hates the police. Just because he’s filthy rich doesn’t make him smart. I’d be willing to bet his IQ is closer to moron level(70), than genius level.

    • I think your exactly right on. I used to be a life long Lakers fan, but ever since Lebron joined the Lakers, I stopped watching the NBA all together. Lebron is liar, fraud and hypocrite, he’s a garbage human being. Lebron and the NBA need to move their garbage CCBL (Chinese Communist Basketball League) over to China. Lebron is a cancer on our society, he needs to leave.

    • Don’t know about LeBron’s IQ but your overall point is correct. To amplify the case think about this: since the Queen was 12 he has played more basketball than anything else in life. More than studying, more than reading, more than attending school, more than anything else. That makes him an expert, in basketball. Please show me an expert in law, medicine, architecture, music, etc who is also an expert in some other field. There are a few really special human beings who are experts in multiple disciplines but sorry LeBron is not that special.

  4. i think bron is just uninformed and following a path to get rich regardless of how. in his view as a pampered athlete, all the money makes him all that.

    i know a lot of shallow relatively dumb people, that are rich because they are Sevants in one particular area of biz.

    Mike Bloomberg could be a great example of the ‘Brain Cash Deficit Chart’ … more on this later 🙂

    • Agreed 100%. The world has conflated wealth with intelligence. Being wealthy doesn’t make one interesting or smart. Especially when that wealth was earned due to physical attributes (here is looking at athletes, actors, entertainers to name a few). These folks are experts in their physical field and nothing more. Some are actually well read but most are not.

    • Exactly Chris. The people around Lebron have known he was going to the nba since he was 12 yes old. Nobody is going to tip over that cash cow and get cut out of the money. He’s been hearing he’s right about everything for a long time. Zero self awareness.

  5. Athletes like James are totally clueless how out of touch they are with “regular people”. We have to remember they have been coddled since they were old enough to dribble a ball or catch a pass, and they have an inflated sense of importance because of that. And they’re always surrounded by sycophants and ball-cupping sportscasters who fawn over them and lap up every stupid thing that comes out of their mouth. They feel being a gifted athlete means that translates to having any type of critical thinking skills, which naturally it doesn’t. Nobody in a cult thinks they’re in a cult, and dumb people don’t know they’re dumb. It is refreshing and entertaining to hear them get called out by their peers. Thank God for Outkick because this is one of the few places this stuff gets called out and discussed.

  6. I do think LeBron is racist, but as far as his jackass comments on police, Trump, etc., I think he’s grasping for street cred. Does “his homework” on the SJW crap about which he bloviates? Hahaha! Like police get up in the morning and go to work to hunt black people. Right.

    I’d bet the mortgage that James can’t tell us the statistics on white civilians vs. blacks civilians being brutalized or killed by police (both incredibly small numbers given the number of encounters). No way does he know that — and certainly can’t explain why — 7% of the people in this country (black males) commit nearly 50% of all violent crimes.

    As for the social issue he could actually speak about with credibility and experience — fathers staying with the mothers of their children and providing a two-parent home — he says nothing. About the gangs and black-on-black crime in urban areas, he says nothing. He poses and speechifies on all the trendy identity politics crap mostly without facts, and the NBA media fan bois and girls never, EVER challenge him.

    One more thing: James often likes to call other people “uneducated,” and invariably uses some of the most botched and dumb-sounding grammar when he does. The irony of course always is lost on him.

  7. BronBron never did a lick of homework since his pits started sprouting hair.
    Who you kiddin’, King…c’mon man…that’s a load of malarkey!!!
    And while we’re talking, King…whatcha gonna do when you run out of skin to put new tats on?
    I mean…you’ll thing of another SJW slogan…or a virtue signal…but they won’t be nowhere to put it.
    Wait…I just thought of where you could put it…

  8. I think the evil communist Chinese government does fake protesting communist coward bitch DramaQueen James. And what’s up with that little angry dude Rapinoe. He is a little fake protesting communist coward Drama Queen bitch also. I guess braindead Joe’s EO lets him play on the womens soccer team.

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