Red Sox Rookie Ruffles Feathers With Pregame Naps And Tanning Sessions

Triston Casas, an up-and-comer in the Boston Red Sox organization, did NOT make many friends during his first month in the big leagues last year, according to boots on the ground.

Apparently, several Red Sox teammates didn't like Casas' pregame routine, which included tanning shirtless in the outfield and taking naps in the clubhouse.

Can't imagine that wouldn't sit well with a bunch of MLB vets!

According to a report from Mass Live, Casas came right out of the gates FIRING last September, sunbathing shirtless in the outfield hours before his first MLB start.

“Are you (expletive) kidding me?” an unnamed pitcher reportedly asked upon seeing tanning Tristan.

Red Sox rookie Triston Casas loves a good nap and tan

Objectively, that's hilarious.

Just imagine a 40-year-old big leaguer with decades of service time walking around Fenway Park and seeing this young rookie sunbathing in the outfield. And THEN, a few hours later, that same kid is spotted taking a nap in the clubhouse hours before his first start.

On top of all of that, the Red Sox STUNK last season. Seriously, they were a dumpster fire from start to finish. Surely everyone was in a great mood!

To be fair, Casas claims this was his normal pregame routine dating back to the minors. I guess you have to dance with the partner who you came with, right?

The 23-year-old even owned up to it earlier this week, saying he appreciated some of the "clashes" his pregame routine caused.

“I would have been more concerned if they weren’t saying anything to me,” Casas said. “I felt like that would have meant they didn’t feel like I was going to be (in the majors long). I think the fact they were telling me stuff, the fact they were getting on me for the little things meant that they wanted me to go about things the right way.

"They wanted me to make sure that I’m going to carry on that tradition throughout the years when I stay up here.”

Sounds like Tristan has learned a hard lesson. Glad he's taking what he's learned and applying it to this season.

In unrelated news, here's Triston Casas' fingernails from spring training last week.

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