Giants Players Make Pretty Aggressive Pitch To Aaron Judge

Joc Pederson and the San Francisco Giants are ALL IN on Aaron Judge.

The free agent slugger is spending Thanksgiving week in San Fran, and may or may not (but definitely is) be having a few cups of coffee with the Giants while he's in town.

Judge was born in Sacramento, is a California guy, and grew up a Giants fan. San Francisco can also afford to PAY THE MAN, and he's not exactly leaving New York on the best terms right now.

On top of all that, you now have Joc Pederson shooting his shot with the 30-year-old slugger on Instagram!

Several Giants players recruit Aaron Judge

Not gonna lie, that Giants jersey just looks right on Aaron Judge. Am I being a biased Red Sox fan when I say that? No. Absolutely not. I just think he looks good!

Anyway, Pederson sent out the feeler, and a couple players joined in on recruiting pitch.

Pitcher Logan Webb shared the photoshopped picture on his story, while shortstop Brandon Crawford not only shared the image, but added the caption "that uni looks nice."

Sorry, Yankees fans. Tough spot right now.

But hey, maybe Judge is just in the area to visit family? It is Thanksgiving week after all, and he even told us as much!

Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

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