MLB Legend Reggie Jackson Confesses To Howard Stern That He Was A ‘Serial Cheater’

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Legendary MLB player Reggie Jackson knew how to swing.

Jackson appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” to talk about his game, off the field, along his storied career.

The five-time World Series champ spoke on his relationships during his playing time. He admitted to often crossing timelines as a “serial cheater.”

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“It wasn’t hard for me to open my heart, but it was hard for me to be loyal,” Jackson told Stern. “As a man, I cheated a lot.”

MLB Legend Reggie Jackson Had Game

The two-time Silver Slugger was a bit of a silver-tongued devil. “I won’t blame it on any excuse, I just cheated,” Jackson added. “ I saw a pretty girl and I tried to sleep with her.”

Jackson told Stern that he doesn’t blame the star power for falling into temptation during those 21 years of baseball.

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“I won’t blame it on that either, I won’t blame it on that,” the 14-time All-Star admitted. “I had access and I took advantage of it, and I missed a couple of wonderful ladies in my life, and it was my fault.”

Jackson’s game at 76 looks much different than it did in the 70s and 80s. He’s a now committed man, sharing that he’s been dating a woman he’s known for 30 years. Jackson is a one-time divorcee, father of one and grandfather of two.

He said, “I have a wonderful daughter. I wasn’t married when I had her, but what an unbelievable experience, and she’s given me two grandchildren — two boys, and one of the kids, the poor son of a gun, he looks just like me.”

Reggie’s Greatest Miss

Reggie shared another wild tale with Stern. He spoke on how former MLB commissioner Bud Selig blocked him from buying the Oakland A’s 20 years ago. Jackson shared that he joined an investor group including Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the late owner of the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers.

“He said, ‘Reggie, stay with me, I’ll guide you through, I’ll get this done for you, don’t worry about,'” Jackson told Stern. “Then all of a sudden, it came out that the A’s were sold to a guy by the name of Lew Wolff — Bud Selig’s college buddy.”

Jackson felt robbed of an opportunity after Selig sold the team to Lew Wolff, whom Reggie stated was an associate of the commissioner. He compiled a 100-page lawsuit but never filed it against Selig.

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