Mississippi State Softball Star, the ‘Olivia Dunne Of The Diamond,’ Battles Blustery Conditions By The Bay

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Mississippi State softball star Brylie St. Clair — the Olivia Dunne of the Diamond — is squeezing in every last bit of summer before fall practice kicks into gear this month.

The senior recently enjoyed a little R&R by the lake, and now she’s fighting some blustery conditions by the bay like it’s Wrigley Field.

Who says you can’t get a little work in while you relax? Can’t be dropping popups in the spring because of the wind, so you might as well get used to it in August and adapt.


only when im not around 💜

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Brylie St. Clair ready for SEC war with Olivia Dunne

No clue if that’s the same angle Brylie here is gonna be taking to a routine fly ball, but whatever. To each their own.

It’s big a mammoth summer for Brylie St. Clair, who’s been hit with the dreaded Olivia Dunne comparison. A lot of pressure for anyone, but especially for folks in the SEC.

On top of that, St. Clair’s from the SEC West — same division. I think? Honestly, I can’t keep up with the all the realignment stuff.

Anyway, point is that trying to be the next Olivia Dunne is a tough hill to climb, and the Mississippi State softball star appears to be the next one in line to try.

St. Clair’s social media following has taken off like a rocket ship over the past year, and she hasn’t slowed down this summer despite it being the offseason.

Nope. If anything, she’s cranked up the heat. From riding horses, to hunting, to catching absolute monsters in the river, it’s been a huge few months for her.

Can’t wait to see what the fall brings. Is Brylie St. Clair ready to step up to the plate and catch Olivia Dunne?

Only time will tell.

Written by Zach Dean

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