Miss BumBum Contestant’s Boyfriend Broke Up With Her Because Of The Demands Of Her ‘Sex Diet’

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A couple of weeks ago the Miss BumBum contest was just getting underway. The 27 contestants had put in their first week of work one of them, Brazilian influencer Larissa Sumpani had grabbed some headlines with some talk about the “sex diet” she had just implemented.

The diet consisted of having sex for several hours a day, multiple times a week. According to Sumpani, the new lifestyle helped her achieve a firmer butt, that was more upright, and was in a prettier shape than before she implemented it.

Miss BumBum Larissa Sumpani Brazil Sex Diet Boyfriend
Models take part in the promotion of the Miss Bumbum beauty pageant along Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Photo by NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP) (Photo by NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP via Getty Images)

Apparently the demands of her new diet were too much for her longtime boyfriend to keep up with. So the couple called it quits.

Sumpani revealed the news to her 250k Instagram followers. She said in the caption of a video discussing the breakup, “Now tell me, where have you seen yourself end up because of dieting? Yes my EX broke up with me s3 diet was the reason x. 0 what do I do.”

But the Miss BumBum hopeful isn’t going to let the breakup keep her from her new diet. She said, “I’ve been on this diet for almost 4 months and yes, it’s been a very intense period. My biggest goal is to get my dream body for Miss Bumbum 2023, but I don’t think the boy understood that.

“I will remain firm on my goal! And if I didn’t make it clear im single now lol.”

Larissa Sumpani Is Not Going To Be Stopped By A Breakup

She’s come way too far to turn her back on the sex diet and her goal of being named Miss BumBum. The voting has started after all. The process of narrowing down the field of 27 to 15 is underway.

Now is not the time to second guess yourself or look back on love lost. You push forward and if anything you step up the sex diet and everything else that goes into the prestigious competition.

Sumpani isn’t going to have a hard time finding people to assist her on her journey. As she revealed when she first discussed her new diet, “The [men] love it, they always tell me this is the best diet I’ve ever been on. It attracts, everyone wants to participate and help me.”

Nothing is slowing down Sumpani’s content and nothing is throwing her off her game. If those aren’t attributes of a Miss BumBum I don’t know what are.

Written by Sean Joseph

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