Minnesota Realtors To Stop Using ‘Master’ Bedroom In Listings

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Joining other woke states and cities across the United States in an effort to save the world one drummed up controversy at a time, Minnesota realtor organizations say it’s time for agents to stop using the term “master” bedroom in listings. The Minnesota real estate inclusivity push will also mean the end of “man caves” and “she sheds.” You can also kiss “mother-in-law” suite goodbye and the “Jack-and-Jill” bathroom is about to be a thing of the past. You can now call it a “dual-entry bathroom” according to a report in the Star Tribune.

“There’s a hidden discriminatory piece that falls when you say ‘master’ bedroom,'” Jackie Berry, a realtor, and educator in racism and real estate continuing education told the newspaper.

“I’m a person of color and every time the term ‘master bedroom’ was used, I kept saying to myself, ‘I don’t like how it sounds,'” Jackie added. “Now as I’m walking through a property, I’ll just say it’s the owners’ or primary suite.”

This isn’t a new idea. In June 2020, Houston realtors went into save the world mode shortly after the death of George Floyd and decided they could help by ending the use of “master” bedroom. Even BLM supporter John Legend thought it was a dumb idea.

But here we are with Minnesota now following Houston’s lead just days after the Black Student Union at the University of Wisconsin was successful in removing a two-billion-year-old rock that had been declared to be troubling because of a 1925 racist newspaper headline. Students determined that the racist rock was too troubling and had to be removed. These same students tried to get the school to remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln from campus.

As for the Minnesota real estate world, industry experts told the Star Tribune that “Avoiding terms that could offend a buyer or seller just makes good business sense.”

Is your head spinning yet? No?

Minnesota real estate agents will now refer to the “master” bedroom as the “owners'” bedroom, which seems like it could trigger some real emotions from really unstable buyers. Closets will now be “dual” because his-and-hers are out. And man caves will now be an “accessory dwelling unit.”

Jackie Berry, the realtor who teaches about racism in real estate doesn’t just talk the talk. I went to see how she describes houses and there it was in the flesh, Jackie referencing an owner’s bedroom. THIS is how you save the world.

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