Miles Teller Crushes Peyton Manning Impression On ‘SNL’

Miles Teller’s Peyton Manning impression is scary good.

The “Top Gun: Maverick” star hosted the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” and for the first time in years, the show actually gave fans something to chuckle about.

Teller portrayed the NFL legend on the Manningcast breaking down the “SNL” cast, and the writers showed shocking self-awareness.

Fire it up below. It’s truly the best thing we’ve seen out of “SNL” in a very long time.

Miles Teller couldn’t have been better as Peyton Manning.

Miles Teller nailed every single part of that impression. From the voice all the way down to the hand movements, he was 100% Peyton Manning in that segment.

It’s borderline impossible to believe “SNL” is capable of being funny these days, but Teller managed to get the job done.

At least he got the job done when it came to parodying the two-time Super Bowl champion.

Miles Teller appears as Peyton Manning on “Saturday Night Live.” (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

The writers also acknowledged that people have grown tired with the political nonsense and preaching. Both lines, “Oh, good a Trump sketch. Way to mix it up” and “a political impression nobody asked for” in reference to the Kristi Noem joke were both gold. Teller also bluntly pointing out how the political jokes are never balanced was just the cherry on top. We all know Joe Biden is protected from Hollywood and comedians most of the time.

“Saturday Night Live” and a lot of other entertainment options have turned to junk and suffered serious brain rot thanks to politics. It’s actually a bit stunning to see “SNL” self-aware enough to joke about the fact nobody wants to watch that garbage.

Miles Teller appeared on “SNL” as Peyton Manning. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Props to Teller for doing what many of us believed was impossible: making jokes that were actually funny on “SNL.”

Written by David Hookstead

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