Florida State Player Streams Mike Norvell’s Locker Room Speech…..Which Seems Very Dumb

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Florida State coach Mike Norvell was fired up after beating LSU, and the internet got to see it thanks to Johnny Wilson firing up Instagram.

The Seminoles absolutely manhandled the Tigers Sunday night, and it was the most impressive win FSU has had in a very long time.

Florida State looked like the real deal, and if the team continues to play like it did Sunday night against LSU, then a playoff bid is a very real outcome.

You know who was super fired up? Mike Norvell. Receiver Johnny Wilson pulled out his phone and streamed the FSU coach’s passionate postgame speech in the locker room for everyone to see on Instagram.

Mike Norvell’s victory speech streamed live on Instagram.

This seems like something Norvell should probably talk to his team and Johnny Wilson about. Don’t get me wrong.

A great postgame speech gets the blood pumping and absolutely can move the needle. Wisconsin head coach Luke Fickell had fans ready to run through a brick wall following the team’s week one win.

However, there’s a big difference between Fickell lobbing f-bombs in a video released by a team and Johnny Wilson streaming Mike Norvell’s comments.

The Florida State coach didn’t say anything bad, and it was a great speech. However, you simply never know what might come out of someone’s mouth.

There’s a reason Wisconsin didn’t release Fickell’s comments until they could be edited. The dude went full gunslinger with his language. There had to be a bit of beeping and such.

What if Norvell had decided to cut it loose and really tear into someone or start using vulgar language? There’s nothing that could be done. It would be live for the internet to see.

That’s not something a coach or anyone else in the locker room should have to worry about.

Florida State receiver Johnny Wilson streamed Mike Norvell’s speech after beating LSU. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

It’s fine to be fired up following a monster non-conference win, but keep the phone in your locker. The last thing any program needs is a potential scandal because a player felt the need to stream a coach’s comments. It’s just not smart and it’s absolutely not necessary.

Written by David Hookstead

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