Mike Leach Touts His Gravy-Making Skills While Breaking Down Ideal Thanksgiving Plate In Funny Postgame Interview

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Mike Leach is one of one. There is nobody else like him in college football.

Not only does he run one of the sport’s most entertaining offenses, he is never afraid to say what is on his mind and it always leads to some incredible soundbites. That was the case again on Saturday.

After Mississippi State beat East Tennessee State University while wearing alternate helmets that are way cooler than their normal lids, Leach was asked to look ahead to the upcoming week. The Bulldogs will face Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels in the Egg Bowl on Thursday.

It just so happens to be Thanksgiving.

Mike Leach loves Thanksgiving. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

Rather than talking about the in-state rivalry bout, SEC Network’s Tara Talmadge asked Leach about how he would celebrate the holiday if he wasn’t playing that night. She asked the 61-year-old head coach, who has a JD Degree from Pepperdine, about what he would put on his plate.

As it would turn out, Mike Leach is a big gravy guy. He isn’t much of a chef, but he makes a mean gravy and is proud of his work.

Oh I always make the gravy and I do make great gravy. I’m not a big cook…I haven’t been…but I’ve made the gravy for decades. I always get uh white meat, a little stuffing but not too much, some mashed potatoes, gravy over everything. Hopefully they have greens, they generally don’t and then a corner of green beans, never sweet potatoes, and I like fruit pies better than this pumpkin apple stuff.

— Mike Leach discussing his Thanksgiving plate

When asked if he likes Cranberry sauce, a highly-debated topic, Leach stayed pretty neutral. He enjoys a little dollop, but not too much.

Here is his full answer:

Leach’s answer on Saturday was pretty on-par with his rankings from 2019. White meat and gravy are No. 1 and No. 2, with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, drumsticks and collard greens not far behind.

Cranberry sauce, he said, is like Thanksgiving ketchup.

Although Leach will be on the field this Thanksgiving night, it is his hope to enjoy a victory feast after taking the Golden Egg back to Starkville. Now we know what will be on his plate!

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