Air Force Baseball Coach Gives Epic Pro-America Interview: ‘These Kids Have Raised Their Hands To Die For Us’

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Air Force baseball coach Mike Kazlausky gave an interview every American needs to sit down and watch.

The veteran is the first Air Force Academy graduate to be the head baseball coach of the Falcons, and there’s no doubt the man loves America.

He made that crystal clear during a broadcast interview as the team battled it out against Texas. He shared some thoughts that will have Americans ready to run through a wall.

The American Air Force Academy is full of American patriots. (Credit: Getty Images)

Air Force coach Mike Kazlausky shares powerful message about military members.

The United States Air Force Academy isn’t for weak people. It’s an academy designed to train and mold the most lethal people in the country.

What do lethal people do? They kill people intent on harming America.

The Air Force Academy breeds American warriors. (Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

“What we do is we’re making warfighters and when you’re making warfighters, these kids want to do bad things to bad people and put warheads on foreheads,” Kazlausky said with a smile a mile wide on his face.

He also noted the mission of the Air Force is a very simple one: Fly, Fight, Win. That’s what he instills in his players, and most importantly, he wants the viewers at home to understand every single member of his team is ready to die for the red, white and blue if called upon.

“I want everyone to understand. These kids have raised their hands to die for us. When I say us, that’s the United States, and that’s a true cool thing. And, I tip my hat to every one of these men no matter what happens on the friendly field … These kids have a whole lot more going for them representing our nation and doing really great things for our country.

This is the spirit America needs.

Every single word Mike Kazlausky said is 100% accurate and should be shared with people around this great country we call home.

Odds are high you love sports if you’re reading this. That’s why you’re at OutKick, but it’s important to remember there are certainly things bigger than sports.

There is no great honor than to be one of the men or women who puts on the uniform fully prepared to die. Instead of petty bickering, we should remember the heroes among us. That’s one of the main reasons why we have American Joyride. It’s a reminder of the men who went to war to, as Kazlausky would say, do bad things to bad people.

God bless the USA, God bless every single person ready to kill or die on behalf of this country and God bless Air Force coach Mike Kazlausky for the incredible interview. Share it far and wide!

Written by David Hookstead

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