Mike Gundy Goes Full ‘Dad On Vacation’ Mode, Now Rocks A Beard To Match His Flow

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Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy looks like he’s ready to grill some brats and burgers while complaining about his 401k.

The head coach of the Cowboys has rocked a mullet for large chunks of time over the past few seasons. Now, he’s also got a beard to match his (relatively short) flow.

Yes, Mike Gundy looks like a dad who lost his razor the moment the family vacation started.

The Big 12 isn’t ready for this much energy from Mike Gundy.

The Big 12 is in serious trouble if this is the kind of vibe Mike Gundy is going to carry into the upcoming season. The conference is in serious trouble.

Mike Gundy is known for being the man and marching to the beat of his own drum. That’s what makes him so popular with fans.

Whether you are an Oklahoma State fan or not, there’s a great chance you’re a Mike Gundy fan if you love college football.

This is the man who will scream about being a man and also rip snowflakes. He’s a true content king in the world of college football.

Now, he’s rocking a beard for spring ball. As a college football fanatic, I sincerely hope he keeps it going into the season.

The mullet was a great start. Adding a beard will take things over the top. I’ve always argued we need more Presidents with beards. The same applies to football coaches.

You start acting differently as soon as you have a beard. You’re a bit bolder, have less fear and start to think you can do anything. You wake up in the morning, decide not to shave and next thing you know, you’re leading a biker gang or living in the mountains. It’s a fine line to walk.

That’s the kind of energy Oklahoma State fans would love to see from Gundy after a disappointing 2022 season.

Mike Gundy now rocks a beard. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Let’s keep our fingers crossed bearded Mike Gundy is here to stay. The mullet version was great. Gundy with a beard could be even more entertaining.

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