Mike Greenberg Is Latest ESPN Employee To Use Miami Weather As An Excuse Following Knicks’ Loss To Heat

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The New York Knicks find themselves down 3-1 in their series against the Miami Heat after dropping their last two games by a combined 27 points. Both losses came in Miami, and ESPN’s Mike Greenberg seems to believe the hot weather in South Florida has taken its toll on the Knicks.

Reflecting on the Knicks’ 109-101 loss during Tuesday morning’s edition of ‘Get Up,’ the New York sports homer made his case that the hot temperatures in Miami are somehow affecting the Knicks’ chances.

Basketball is of course played indoors in an air-conditioned arena, but that didn’t keep Greenberg from throwing out the absurd statement.

“I know people will associate that with the night life and all of that. But there’s also the reality of the temperature change, the heat, the geography, being down there for three days,” Greenberg said, on national television. “It somewhat saps a little bit of your energy and strength.”

Mike Greenberg Making Excuses Just Like Jalen Rose

We’ve officially hit the peak of today’s excuse-creating culture. This is a well-known, well-respected national sports analyst talking about temperatures affecting NBA players who play basketball indoors.

The craziest part about this entire situation is Greenberg is simply piggybacking off of Jalen Rose’s comments earlier in the week. He used the hot temps in South Florida as an excuse for the Knicks’ struggles after their 19-point loss in Game 3.

Rose, who played over a decade in the NBA, claiming the weather is hurting the Knicks is way more outlandish than Greenberg making the statement seeing as how he’s played exactly zero games of high-level basketball.

Just in the last week, we’ve had ESPN employees call for the cancellation of Mount Rushmore and now they’re complaining about the weather outside affecting a sport played indoors.

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