Mike Evans Roasts Keenan Allen Over NFL Network Rankings Gripe

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As we mentioned recently when Patrick Mahomes challenged Josh Allen to a distance throwing competition, we are continuing the time-honored tradition of NFL players getting triggered by how they’re ranked by league-adjacent entities.

The latest installment here is that NFL Network is unveiling its top 100 players for 2020, and Chargers receiver Keenan Allen got ranked no. 77 overall. We can’t see where Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Tyreek Hill are ranked yet — the only ones out there so far are 70-100 — but Allen is assuming they’re (in his opinion) undeservedly ahead of him:

Mike Evans disagrees:

Meanwhile, Chris Godwin laughed off the fact that Allen tagged the wrong guy in reference to him:

It’s too bad there’s not something like a distance throwing competition where we could settle this debate once and for all.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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