Mike Clevinger Threatening Legal Action Against Radio Station

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White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger is reportedly threatening legal action against a Chicago radio station after the station conducted an interview with his ex-girlfriend.

Olivia Finestead has repeatedly accused Clevinger of domestic abuse against her and their 10-month-old daughter. She detailed those claims on 670 The Score’s “Perkins & Spiegel” this week.

Major League Baseball is conducting an investigation into Clevinger regarding these allegations.

“For him to sit there and be like, ‘Oh, poor me on my first day (in camp).’ Like, your poor baby. Your poor other kids,” Finestead said. “He’s just so full of himself and such a narcissist that he will deny, lie and project every day. That’s just who he is.”

Clevinger fervently denies Finestead’s claims.

“It’s the world we’re living in,” he told reporters. “Everyone wants the clicks. It doesn’t matter what the real truth is.”

Clevinger’s lawyers are reportedly seeking legal action and a potential cease-and-desist for defamation.

“My lawyers are paying attention,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times.  

Mike Clevinger Threatening Legal Action Against Radio Station
Instagram: @oliviafinestead

In her Instagram story posted Jan. 24, Finestead called Clevinger “truly an evil person.”

She posted a photo of marks on her body and alleged the injuries were “from when he threw an iPad at me pregnant” and said she “finally left when he strangled me.”

“You really deserve hell,” she wrote. “I’ve kept quiet now for almost a year and you continue to covertly abuse your infant, withhold ALL of her belongings, we have none of our stuff, still not even her birth certificate or her car seat attachment.”

The abuse, she says, happened while Clevinger was a member of the San Diego Padres.

Clevinger signed a one-year, $12-million contract with the White Sox in December.

While the MLB probe precedes this agreement, the team claimed in a statement that they weren’t informed of the allegations.

“The White Sox will refrain from comment until MLB’s investigative process has reached its conclusion,” it said.

Mike Clevinger Threatening Legal Action Against Radio Station
Mike Clevinger’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of repeated physical and emotional abuse. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Chicago general manager Rick Hahn said the team’s “only option” is to allow Clevinger to participate in team activities while the investigation plays out.

“The longer answer is, without anyone having violated the confidentiality of the policy, we weren’t going to find this information out,” Hahn said. “And the fact of the matter is is that the confidentiality element of the policy is essential for it to function properly.”

Per the league’s domestic violence policy, Clevinger could face a significant suspension from MLB, even if no charges are filed against him.

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