Michigan Reverses Course; High School Football Happening in Two Weeks

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In a relatively stunning reversal compared to what the world was like even just last week, the state of Michigan has reversed course and is reinstating Fall sports to begin in two weeks — September 17th. This, of course, includes football season. Padded practices return next week.

It was just August 26th that Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer said she was “glad” that the Big Ten opted to postpone Fall football season. She had previously been alleged to be a “roadblock” in the conference returning to play. This news affected Michigan and Michigan State, obviously.

The path for high school sports to return to play was set forth by an executive order from Whitmer.

“With 25 states practicing and playing games and another eight states ready to go in a couple of days, it’s different than three weeks ago,” Michigan High School Athletic Association executive director Mark Uyl told the Detroit Free Press. “You’re seeing states, whose COVID-19 numbers are far worse than Michigan’s. It has been, nationwide, a very successful start to the year.”

Well then. Big Ten on deck?

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Wretched Ghitmore has been a shell for the Deep State Dems all along, they are obviously seeing how their bafoonery of canceling America is starting to backfire, so the Wretched’s of the world are getting their new marching orders. Roy Cooper is doing the same, yesterday he opened North Carolina playgrounds for the first time in 6 months. They literally had playgrounds roped off and would arrest you for tampering with them.

    • Bingo. The internal polling was horrific for them. Turns out, normal people don’t like looting, rioting, murder and chaos. And those who enable it. Or petty tyrants and their un-sciencey edicts. For the election, MN is now in play. WI is in play. And MI is in play. The D High Command issued an urgent communique to all its blue — but trending alarmingly red — state autocrats: “You need to play nice, appear sane, don’t tick off the lemmings for two months.” I’m sure Whitmer did this through teeth so gritted she’ll need new veneers.

  2. Well looksy here. Haha. These people have no shame. Claiming Republicans have been risking lives and killing people by opening up or wanting to open up. Death and destruction are front and center when it appears to be politically advantageous (see covid and riots). But when the polls aren’t looking good for the Dems… This isnt a coincidence. Biden running around the country chasing Trump’s coattails to get on the, riots and looting aren’t good, train. Zero shame by these scammers. I think there should be a demand to hear her justification for “risking lives” just to play football. CNN and MSNBC should be denouncing this decision. Unless these kids are rioting and looting in the name of racial justice, of course. Covid19 wouldn’t go after those kids. Fucking hypocrites

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