Michigan Unveils Necklace For Beating Ohio State

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Michigan players have a new necklace to rock after beating Ohio State this past season.

The Wolverines marched into Columbus Thanksgiving weekend and smashed the Buckeyes 45-23. It was the second straight win for Jim Harbaugh’s squad, and now, the program has unveiled the latest necklace to commemorate the game.

The Wolverines also dropped a necklace after winning in 2021.

Is this a bit of a soft move from Michigan?

I don’t want to sound like an old man shouting at the clouds, but is this really necessary? Does making a necklace to commemorate win really project the message you expected to win?

Not to me. Not at all. It projects that you didn’t expect to win, and thus, it’s so important it must be memorialized forever.

It’s similar to storming the court. Fans who expect their teams to win don’t storm the court. Teams that don’t expect to win do it.

Michigan has two straight wins over Ohio State. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

Michigan fans want the college football world to believe it’s an elite program, and there’s certainly been some serious momentum lately.

In the past two years, Michigan has two Big Ten titles, two CFP appearances and two wins over bitter rival Ohio State. The Wolverines are rolling.

There’s no longer any underdog narrative, and there’s no need for these cheap antics. Michigan should be focused on national titles. Dropping necklaces for rival wins sends the message Michigan doesn’t truly believe it’s elite. Sad!

Michigan unveils necklace for beating Ohio State. (Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images)

Of course, I fully recognize I might be an old man just griping here. I can live with that. Can Michigan fans live without a title? That’s a question they apparently need to spend a little more time wrestling with.

P.S.: For everyone tweeting about Ohio State giving out the gold pins/necklaces in the shape of pants, yes, that is equally as dumb and should also be mocked.

Written by David Hookstead

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