Michigan Will Make Tunnel Changes After Massive Issues

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The Michigan Wolverines will take steps to address the tunnel system at the program’s football stadium.

The single entrance/exit tunnel at Michigan Stadium has long been the center of controversy due to the fact the choke point has led to multiple unnecessary situations. None are more famous than when several Michigan State players got into a massive melee with a pair of Michigan players.

Now, the program will make some immediate changes to help ensure safety for players and staffers moving forward.

The Michigan Wolverines will tweak the tunnel situation.

The Wolverines will remove roughly 45 seats from the area in an effort to “widen tunnel access to the field on game days,” according to MLive. The university made the decision following a “thorough safety review” that was conducted after the season ended.

The attack on a pair of Michigan players after beating MSU put the tunnel under a microscope, but a situation right before the attack might have played an even larger role. MLive reported the decision “directly stems” from the Michigan State game and a fan touching Mel Tucker’s head as he left the field.

Prior to all hell breaking loose during the Michigan State/Michigan game, there was also an incident of words flying when the Wolverines played Penn State. The hope is that by widening up the tunnel, future altercations can be avoided.

Fans worrying about the capacity coming down don’t need to sweat. MLive reported the team will add seats elsewhere to make sure the same amount of people can attend games.

Michigan will make changes to its tunnel. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

All the way around, this seems like a smart idea. The last thing Michigan or the Big Ten wants is another melee or a coach being touched by a fan coming off the field. A change was needed. Now, it’s going to happen, and that’s good news for everyone involved.

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