Visibly Emotional Michael Irvin Compares Marriott’s Treatment Of Him To Black Man Being Lynched

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Michael Irvin vehemently denied ongoing allegations of misconduct during an emotional press conference on Wednesday. In doing so, he compared his treatment by Marriott Hotels to a Black man being lynched.

Irvin, 57, was removed from his assignments with NFL Network just before Super Bowl LVII in Arizona. The decision came after a woman working at a Marriott hotel accused him of misconduct.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver has since decided to sue the accuser, and the Renaissance Hotel (which is owned by Marriott) at which the alleged incident occurred. He seeks $100 million in retributions and believes that he is a target of “cancel culture.”

Two witnesses who were at the hotel when the alleged misconduct occurred have backed Irvin in his innocence. They say that the allegations are “fabricated.”

What happens next is at the mercy of the courts.

As part of the case, a judge demanded that Marriott turn over evidence from the incident, including surveillance footage. The company was ordered to give Irvin any video recordings and other materials associated with the encounter by Tuesday.

Irvin’s lawyer, Levi McCathern, was shown video of the incident. He could not take a copy or film the video.

Additionally, Irvin has not seen the tape. That leaves him frustrated, confused and disappointed.

Michael Irvin spoke out on Wednesday.

Irvin maintains his innocence. He was extremely emotional as one of the witnesses presented an account of the encounter.

It was a very jovial conversation and there is no reason to look at it as anything untoward.

— Phil Watkins, a witness to the encounter in February

Irvin responded by saying that he was “trying to do everything right” and knows that he “didn’t do anything wrong.” He added that the accusations make him question how to interact with people moving forward.

Irvin said that he does not recall the encounter. He has no idea what happened or what he is defending. He has not seen the tape. His knowledge of the alleged incident is nonexistent.

Irvin compared his treatment to a lynching.

To close, Irvin said that he is happy to take responsible for his actions, if there is something to take responsibility for. As should Marriott.

If I did something wrong, I’ll suffer the consequences. But if you did something wrong, you meaning them, then they should suffer the consequences.

— Michael Irvin

Irvin’s lawyer has filed an emergency motion to force Marriott to surrender the video. McCathern says that the hotel company restricted his access without the court’s authorization.

That will be the next step. If Irvin did not do anything wrong, and Marriott can’t show that he did, the company will have a big problem on its hands.

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