Micah Parsons Has A Foot Fetish And Doesn’t Care Who Knows About His Love For Toes

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Micah Parsons is a big foot guy, as in, he has a foot fetish.

He recently let the world know about his little secret while speaking with CBS’ Bryant McFadden. And the nonchalance of the whole exchange was laugh-out-loud funny.

McFadden asked the Dallas Cowboys star a few rapid-fire questions. After Parsons admitted that he’s a big Shakira ‘Hips Don’t Lie Fan,’ he was asked the weirdest thing about him that few people know.

It took Parsons all of 0.2 seconds to blurt out: “I have a foot fetish.”

McFadden was taken aback by Parsons’ admission before hilariously asking Parsons, “You like toes?”

Hey, the guy knows what he likes, and clearly doesn’t care who knows it.


In some ways, you could argue that Parsons being so honest about his love of toes makes him that much more likable. That’s not because every other person out there also has some sort of weird thing for feet, but Parsons telling it like it is is admirable.

We’ve got an all-world linebacker talking about his love of toes for the entire world to see. What a time to be alive.

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