Micah Parsons Feels Strongly About Inflation Hitting Grocery Stores

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Inflation is hitting all of us hard — even multi-millionaire professional athletes.

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons took to Twitter on Tuesday to sound off about the rising price of groceries.

As many folks in the replies were quick to point out, Parsons is probably less affected by inflation than the rest of us. In 2021, the 23-year-old signed a 4-year, $17 million rookie contract with the Cowboys with a $9.7 million signing bonus.

But the man doesn’t want to spend it all on eggs! Or haircuts.

Millionaire or not, it’s hard to ignore the price hikes at the grocery store.

Inflation may be slowing down, but food prices are rising.

In 2022 through November, overall inflation rose 7.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In that same period, food got 10.6 percent more expensive. Grocery prices rose 12 percent and menu prices jumped 8.5 percent.

The most glaring example: eggs.

Micah Parsons Feels Strongly About Inflation Hitting American Grocery Stores
The price of a dozen eggs has soared as high as $9 in some parts of the country. (Photo by I RYU/VCG via Getty Images)

At the start of 2020, a dozen eggs cost $0.89 (the national average). Now, prices have soared to as high as $9 in some parts of the country.

The culprit? Bird flu.

The last year has brought the worst bird flu outbreak in U.S. history. According to the CDC, avian flu outbreaks have killed 57.8 million birds in the US — mostly egg-laying hens — since January 2022.

But bird flu doesn’t explain the entire grocery bill. A number of factors play a role in food prices, including supply chain complications, the cost of gas to transport the food, weather and diseases impacting crops and livestock.

Whatever the reason for the inflation, though, pretty soon we’re all going to need a Micah Parsons contract just to pay for dinner.

Written by Amber Harding

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