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Best and worst national sports media member

• Zach W. wants to know which media members out there I enjoy and can’t stand:

Just in terms of personal taste.  


Let’s start with the worst: This is simple — the elites who think they’re superior to the reader because they have a press pass around their necks. I’ve mentioned it many, many times in this space. There are absolute scumbags in the sports media business who absolutely despise their customers (the readers) because they think you’re a redneck, uneducated, uncivilized, poor, jersey-chasing losers.

I would put Pat Forde in there. Dan Wolken. Christine Brennan. Stewart Mandel. Etc. Put it this way, if there’s a blue checkmark circle jerk going on around a national media member when they lose their job, trust me, those are the biggest losers in the industry.

The second you see a circlejerk is the minute you can be sure those are elite media members who would stick a knife into the back of a fellow elite sports media member for a job, a scoop or better pay.

“I’m so sorry to hear this news” is the biggest bullshit you’ll ever see out of a blue checkmark.

Golf elites really got on my nerves over the last year. Name a woke blue checkmark golf media member and I can’t stand them.

Sports media is a disgusting profession. It’s full of scumbags.

The best national sports media members are those who don’t treat this stuff like they’re solving world problems. Ken Carman in Cleveland isn’t a national figure, but he’s a guy I think you’d enjoy following for a modern perspective on sports. I still enjoy Dan Patrick. The Next Round crew — Jim Dunaway, Ryan Brown, Lance Taylor and Rockstar — will forever by voices I follow out of the south. Those guys get it.

Let me really think about this a little deeper and get a definitive list of those media people you should have in your rotation.

The ESPYs were on and barely anyone noticed

It feels like ESPN/ABC/Disney can kill that production at any time and there’d be zero uproar over such a move. Stop and think about how predictable last night was: LeBron gets to make a speech, the women’s national soccer team gets an award for courage, Patrick Mahomes wins an award and Damar Hamlin is brought out to give a speech.

We know what Bron Bron’s going to say. The women’s soccer team is in Australia. Patrick Mahomes walks up and creates a marketable moment for ESPN. Damar Hamlin has already given emotional speeches. Not to be a dick, but that’s old news.

Full disclosure: I spent the night working on the pool and fertilizing the plants. It was much more enjoyable than watching that dumb show.

• John from SD writes:

ESPYs on last night, can’t wait!  Nope, not watching a woke ABC/ESPN production. Master Chef it is FOX. 

Have a great day!

Evolution of DBAP

• Bill H. makes a great point:

Outkick sells DBAP merch. 

With language continually evolving against the norm, eg females are now people with a “bonus hole”. 

Will y’all fight the insanity or will y’all ad DBABH to the merch line? 

I look forward to my cut! Ha!


Bill is referencing my blog post on how the trans Gs are now rebranding the vagina as a “bonus hole.” His idea is at least worth exploring for the t-shirt and marketing departments.

Where do we stand on avocado toast?

My wife loves avocado toast. Now I have to read that OutKick founder Clay Travis has become so elite that he’s a believer.

Have you guys joined this revolution?

Personally, give me a hard-boiled egg, one of those Costco guacamole cups, everything seasoning over the guac and that’s a solid breakfast.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to go full elite suburbanite by adding the toast.

Girl dies after choking on Costco hot dog

• John W. writes:

An awful tragedy for this family.

But battling inflation is one thing-battling insurance companies may be the end of the hot dog sales.


Someone help me here — would Costco carry insurance on choking deaths? Is this a situation where lawyers come after Costco for serving hot dogs?

‘Summer beer and effn Bud Light’

• Gerard W. writes:

When it’s 90 degrees and 90% humidity I don’t mind a lighter fruiter beer.  Back in the day I would enjoy a few Bud Light limes in the summer.  They only came in bottles for awhile so it was pain taking them to a pool or the river.  Well in 2009 they saw the light and came out with the best commercial for beer ever made. 

Too bad Brendan just didn’t apologize.   It didn’t have to be like this.  Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of these Woke dipshits.    

Florida Walmarts being Florida Walmarts

• Our old friend JoeBucsFan sent in this one:

Kids that won’t swing

• Jim M. suggests:

U fukd ,   split them up in the lineup and have them bunt…not in a row…not every time…have some bunts in there….parents sometimes understand!! Good luck!!


It’s a no-bunting league, Jim. Thank you to the Savannah Bananas for influencing baseball leagues and eliminating bunting. Hit away! Or not. I’m 48 hours away from finding out if these kids are ready to swing.

On MLB’s dumb all-star jerseys

• Brandon C. in Pinckney, MI writes:

100% go back to the every player wears their own team jersey. It was a source of pride to watch Alan Trammell trot out there in the Old English D (or those hideous softball pullover style roadies from the 1980s) for his obligatory 2nd half of the all-star game appearance replacing that FRAUD Cal Ripkin, Jr… (Yeah come at me Baltimore baseball bros.. I said it, Alan Trammell was a better player in his prime that Cal Ripkin Jr. Trammell would be in the HoF if not for that absolute travesty of a 1987 AL MVP vote). 

Now some of this maybe a function of growing up in an era without interleague play, so unless you watched TWIB religiously after Saturday morning cartoons, you might not see the majesty of a St Louis Cardinals home jersey, or the pinstripes of a Cubs uni, or a “poop and pee” Padres abomination on a regular basis.

But you also knew the dude in the clown uniform was from Montreal, and could give him some respect on next year’s Strat-o-matic player card draft. Now it’s just so genericized (like almost everything in our culture now), designed by some “art marketing” BA degree holder who spends more time at his computer with Adobe software than with actual human beings, and who probably stopped playing sports at 10 because kids were too competitive and mean to him/her/they in their one year of tee ball. 

You asked who designed these jerseys / helmets? Probably they were going for a retro look… no not a 1970s astroturf playing expansion team. Probably they were looking to copy Seattle’s greatest contribution to baseball, team building tools from Baseball Stars the video game:


I cannot tell you how much I miss TWIB Notes and Mel Allen’s voice. I remember begging my dad to get us to Riverfront Stadium early enough into batting practice to see TWIB played over the Jumbotron and then watch how the players reacted to the best plays and bloopers from around MLB.

While I’m thinking about it, Pluto TV should come out with a TWIB channel. Take me back, please.

That’s it. I gotta run. It’s time to hammer away at a mid-July Thursday.

Take care. Have a great day. Go give 100%. Make your wife proud by putting in a full day of work. Make your parents proud for having raised a responsible human. Work hard and get home to man the grill.


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