Men Won’t Stop Showing Up At Texas Retiree’s House Looking For Sex

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A 66-year-old retiree in Plano, Texas, has had her retirement interrupted by multiple men over the past year. The men are showing up at her front door looking for sex. This isn’t because the woman has started a second career as an escort either.

These men are showing up uninvited. They’re apparently the victims of a scam. Whatever the reason they’re showing up at her house, Elaine White has had enough.

Texas Retiree Elaine White
Men won’t stop showing up as a Texas retiree’s house looking for sex (Image Credit/YouTube)

As many as 25 men have shown up at White’s door since last year. The men are of all ages and ethnicities and have traveled from all over North Texas looking for sex. One reportedly drove more than seven hours just to be turned away.

The entire situation doesn’t make much sense to White. She can’t wrap her mind around why men would knock on somebody’s door looking for sex.

“How can a grown man go to a house in a neighborhood thinking they’re gonna get sex?,” she said. “As many hookers and prostitutes there are, go get one.

“Leave me alone. I’m not here for that.”

White’s address has somehow ended up on websites for men looking for sex. According to the police, the men pay for sex before being given White’s address.

“Police told me that there are traffic rings going around and my address may have been used out of the sky,” she said. “That it’s off of some sex website where nasty old men go and look for sex. They pay Venmo for the services and then they get my address and they come here.”

She’s Locked, Loaded, And Ready To Go

White said the men show up at her door for an appointment with “Nikki” or “Kelly” or “Rhonda.” Nobody by those names is there and there’s nobody willing to fulfill the demands of the appointment.

Frustrated, she’s installed a Ring doorbell along with security signs and a homemade sign that reads “Kelly does not live here.” She’s even started answering the door armed with her .357 Magnum. Just in case there’s some sort of issue that arises.

However, none of the precautions has stopped the men from ringing her doorbell. Which isn’t all that surprising to anyone who has ever seen an episode of To Catch a Predator.

Guys from all walks of life would do some outrageous things for what they thought was a good time. Much like those losers, the ones showing up at White’s house are leaving disappointed.

Written by Sean Joseph

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