Megyn Kelly Says Prince Harry, Meghan Markle May Never Recover From ‘South Park’ Beating

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When you wind up in South Park‘s crosshairs, they rarely miss. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are well aware of this after the show took them to task in its latest episode.

It was such a brutal — and accurate — comedic undressing, that Megyn Kelly doesn’t think the attention-seeking duo will ever recover from it.

This week’s episode of the long-running animated series — titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” — made fun of the ex-Royals for their frequent complaints about a lack of privacy, despite near-constant attempts to remain in the public eye,

Yes, they’re wildly insufferable, which made it easy for the show to rag on them in its inimitable style.

Kelly talked about the episode on Friday’s episode of The Megyn Kelly Show.

“I feel this is a pronouncement that they have jumped the shark, they are not beloved and her hopes of running for president, reported hopes, are all but dashed,” Kelly said, per The New York Post.

“That’s not happening. When South Park turns on you, there’s no recovering.”

South Park Confirmed Something We All Knew: Just How Unlikeable Harry And Meghan Are

Wait. Meghan reportedly wanted to run for president? Of the United States?!

If Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to snuff out those ambitions, they deserve the Medal of Freedom. For real, they may have saved the United States. Frankly, I think they should’ve gotten one for Team America: World Police. Now, they really deserve it.

The episode in question was very funny. It was certainly one of the more ruthless public beatings they’ve been dealt. It’s tough to say if the South Park episode was the shark jump moment or a reaction to the rapid change in public opinion on the two.

I’m inclined to think it’s the latter. Meghan Markle certainly won’t be getting any more deals like the one she got from Spotify. They gave her $18 million and in return, she gave the 12 podcasts over a year and a half.

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