Megyn Kelly Destroys Meghan Markle Over Her Stupid ‘Deal Or No Deal’ Drama

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Now Megyn Kelly would like to have a word with constant complainer Meghan Markle.

The bored 41-year-old Duchess of Sussex is out this week with an episode of her podcast “Archetypes” where she complains about her time as a “Deal or No Deal” briefcase model because the show used her as a sex symbol and not for her brains.


Megyn Kelly Meghan Markle
“We don’t feel sorry for you,” Megyn Kelly advised Meghan Markle on her SiriusXM show.

And the cherry on top is that Markle had on Paris Hilton as a guest and then hijacked the episode to complain about how the game show treated her like a “bimbo.”

Kelly, absolutely unloaded on Markle’s revision of her personal resume.

“[Markle] knew exactly what she was getting herself into on that job and it was no surprise to her that they wanted her to look as good as possible while doing it,” Kelly said on her SiriusXM show.

Meghan Markle Deal or No Deal briefcase model
“She loved every minute of it!” Meghan Kelly says of Meghan Markle’s run as a “Deal or No Deal” briefcase model. / NBC Universal

“What she’s trying to con us on now is whether she enjoyed it,” Kelly added. “She loved every minute of it! She wanted to be objectified!”


As I wrote this week, it’s not like Markle didn’t read the job description. She knew her job was to be hot, stand there, be hot, smile, be hot, open the briefcase when ordered by Howie Mandel and either act happy or sad for the contestant.

“I didn’t like feeling forced to be all looks and little substance,” Markle said in her latest podcast.

That’s a lie. That’s insufferable 2022 Meghan talking, but the gig is up.

Kelly, who rightly calls Markle a “B-list actor and a “social climber,” puts it about as succinctly as it can be said.

Meghan Markle during a stressful day on “Deal or No Deal” standing there with a briefcase. / NBC Universal

“This woman is a fraud, and people get it,” Kelly continued. “It’s not something a new publicity team can solve. Nor any ‘fact-checker’.”

Kelly’s solution for Markle: Do something meaningful that isn’t about her and making a buck.

My solution for Markle: Get happy. Complain less. Get a hobby. Find happiness. Stop with the victimhood act.

Or don’t and fade off into life as a miserable adult.

meghan markle deal or no deal
The end is near for Meghan Markle who is now annoying just about everybody including Whoopi Goldberg, Megyn Kelly and Clay Travis. / NBC Universal

And in a shocking twist, this isn’t some political aisle subject. Even Whoopi Goldberg took a shot at Markle on “The View,” saying she also doesn’t have time for this whining.

“When you’re a performer, you take the gig,” Whoopi said. “You take the gig. Sometimes, you’re in a Bozo suit, sometimes you got a big nose, and this is just the way it is.”

“We’re not journalists. We’re actors. We’re trying to get to another place,” the former comedian turned lunchtime yakker added.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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