Meghan McCain of ‘The View’ Calls For Dr. Fauci to be Fired

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Here’s a battle you may enjoy.

On Monday on The View — the worst show on TV, save for The Daily Show — Meghan McCain called for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s removal, to fire the weekly Meet the Press guest.

McCain took real issue with Fauci going on CNN yesterday.

“The fact that Dr. Fauci is going on CNN, and he can’t tell me if I get the vaccine, I’ll be able to have dinner with my family,” she said. “It’s terribly inconsistent messaging.

“The idea that I can get vaccinated, and I won’t be able to see friends, and nothing in life changes, and we’re going to have to wear a mask forever — I don’t understand the downplaying of getting the vaccine.”

McCain goes on to say she has no idea “when or how” she will get her dose.

And here is where the hammer comes down, get ready:

“I’m over Dr. Fauci. I think we need to have more people giving more opinions and honestly, quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science, or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these places who are doing this successfully.”

Someone who understands science, huh?

Nevertheless, the Fauci-hive shouldn’t worry, no one is watching The View these days. Plus, things have been looking up for the famous doctor of late. Dr. Fauci was just awarded a random prize with a $1 million reward for “speaking truth to power,” and he is the namesake of a new dating trend that tells women to dump guys who don’t take COVID as seriously as Fauci does.

Having to choose between Dr. Fauci and The View is not a choice I planned to make today.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Fauci needed to be gone since the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

    But at this point I think he’s just a lawn gnome who loves the camera. I don’t really know how much authority he has. It’s the dumb politicians I’m more concerned about when it comes to power trips.

  2. i bet Trump regrets giving a microphone to Fauci or Birx/Brix …, but beaurocrat impetence is on display every time he speaks.

    i know folks at the FDA and Fauci types are why it takes decades to get drugs approved. they are paid to say NO and only say YES when the market is desparate for approval.

    the trade off is that our HHS and big Pharma work together to squeeze high prices out of the consumer without accountability.

  3. Fauci should definitely be sent out to pasture. He’s taking advantage of his 15 minutes of fame by flipflopping and flat out lying. He’s doing everything he can to stay in the limelight. He changes his answers every time someone calls him out.

  4. He absolutely needs fired. Shapiro lit him up today as well. He just enjoys it too much. When he says he wants to see the cases come way, way down before we make any changes all I can think about is his plan to remain a household name as long as possible.

    He has always been a flip flopping fame loving tool pretending he was providing medical counsel. However, when he decided to begin recommending legislation that was the end for me. He never actually says anything anyway, I have never seen a doctor less certain of anything in my life. He gives much more political than medical recommendations.

  5. Fauci goes on TV and criticizes the US response to Covid. Uh Tony you do realize that a year ago the country was relying on you and your colleagues at the NIH and CDC as experts on this. You have been wrong on so many things. The Biden admin. is beginning to realize that this crisis is of no longer any use to them politically. So they are slowly moving on and Fauci understands that he is going to be the only one without a chair once the music stops. I’m disappointed in the outcome of the election, but I’m more disappointed that we didn’t get to see Fauci sent packing on election night.

  6. Dr. Fraud-ci….oh darn, keep doing that….Dr. Fauci and the democrats and their partners in the media only care about power, control and funding, that’s it. We’ve all seen how often this clown who is a so called “doctor” has flipped flopped and been wrong so many times. If anything, not only should he be fired, he should be put in prison for being so fraudulent to us. If NY and NJ were their own countries, they would lead the world in covid deaths. These people want this so called “pandemic” to continue and milk it for as long as they can. And there’s a common theme among all these people that support these insane lockdowns, they never have to live with the consequences of their policies. They all keep getting a fat paycheck.

    Imagine if we got to declare that NBC “News” and CNN are no longer deemed essential businesses and have reporters going around all over the country so they are super spreader organizations, therefore, they are being immediately shut down until the pandemic is over. Hmmmm… fast would they change their tune????

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