Dr. Fauci Awarded $1 Million For ‘Defending Science’ and ‘Speaking Truth to Power’

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As they say, work hard and you may win an award.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top celebrity disease official, was just awarded a $1 million prize called the Dan David Prize. Fauci won this award — one no one ever heard of but is now deemed prestigious — for not only “defending science” but also for “speaking truth to power.”

Wow, what a guy.

“Fauci is the consummate model of leadership and impact in public health,” the awards committee said while giving Fauci $1 million. Well, there you have it, you too can be a Dan David winner if you master, to use Fauci’s word, guesstimating.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic unraveled, Fauci leveraged his considerable communication skills to address people gripped by fear and anxiety and worked relentlessly to inform individuals in the United States and elsewhere about the public health measures essential for containing the pandemic’s spread,” the committee goes on. “In addition, he has been widely praised for his courage in speaking truth to power in a highly charged political environment.”

Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl MVP doesn’t seem as important now, does it?

“The award sets aside 10% of the prize money for academic scholarships in each winner’s field,” NPR reports. “Fauci gets to determine the nature of the scholarships.” It’s unclear how many times Fauci gets to change his mind before the decision is final. Here’s to hoping it’s at least a few.

It’s sure nice to see such deserving people win awards for their tremendous achievements. Gov. Andrew Cuomo won an Emmy for lying about the elderly dying in nursing homes, Black Lives Matter earned a Nobel Prize nomination for burning American buildings, and now Fauci won the David Danny (whatever its name is) award for defending science.

Nevertheless, congrats on the award, Dr. Fauci, enjoy the money.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. “Awards” are just a way of bribing people for pushing the propaganda. Remember when The Washington Post won a Pulitzer for reporting on the Trump Russia connection which turned out to be made up? Actual reporting today over at John Solomon’s sire just the news.com has an email Comey sent Clapper saying he couldn’t verify the Steele dossier on the same day he signed the FISA request using the same “evidence”. Won’t even make a footnote anywhere. Good times.

  2. James7, we had a guy that used to come on here to Outkick and bash everyone and every article. Are you that guy? Life is all good. We all have articles we don’t agree with, but there’s never reason to get personal. Maybe hit up the closest Herb store and buy a few medicinal products!

  3. So let’s take it from the top.. The virus can only be transmitted between animals, masks don’t work, masks do work, we probably should also be wearing goggles, it’s okay to hook up with a total stranger on Tindr. I wore my mask to throw out the first pitch at the Nationals’ home opener and then sat maskless next to a family friend in an otherwise empty stadium. I had high praise for the Gov. Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic. One of the most dangerous places to be is between me and a television camera. I misplaced my stethoscope decades ago but oddly haven’t needed it….

  4. Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize after being in office for eight months. I’m not sure if anyone ever gave a coherent reason why. Cuomo gets an Emmy for informative news conferences (while sending elderly Covid patients to nursing homes resulting in over 15,000 deaths). Now Fauci wins a Dan David Prize (whatever the hell that is) for telling us we don’t need masks, followed by we need masks, followed by we should use multiple masks. The left loves to give themselves awards.

    • Yup, it makes them feel good about themselves. Like participation trophies for every kid that plays at the YMCA league. Last place, 0 wins, hey you get a trophy because you put on your uniform and roamed around the field with no clue for 8 games., Yay!!!

  5. reassured people? “The same Dr. Anthony Fauci, who wrote on March 26th that the Covid death rate was likely “similar to severe seasonal influenza or pandemic influenza” the very next day said on television that “The mortality of [Covid-19] is about 10 times that of the flu”. Obviously, the reasons for this were not “scientific:” whatever the cause of this dramatic change in assessment might be, we have some doubts that Dr Fauci studied the problem so thoroughly in the night between March 26th and March 27th and discovered that Covid-19 was not similar to the flu, but ten times worse. We think it’s far more likely he did this for political or other, nonscientific, reasons, while ignoring science.”

  6. I like March 2020 Fauci…the one who said masks were unnecessary. Though the April 2020 Fauci, who stated Tinder hookups with strangers were OK, has a special place in my heart.

    Always gotta “follow the science”. Science which happens to change month to month.

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