Meet Monika Clarke, Matt Harvey’s New Model Girlfriend Who Runs A Tight Ship

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Matt Harvey may have lost his fastball in the big leagues, but he still very much has the heat in his personal life. The ex-Mets ace who ended his career with a sweet 60-game suspension is back in the news this week for much better reasons. Well, really just one — new Aussie model girlfriend Monika Clarke.

The two were spotted together recently and the NY Post confirmed they’ve been dating a few months. Clarke, a Zero Bond exec, is just the latest model Harvey’s dated, joining names like Victoria’s Secret Angel Devon Windsor and Sports Illustrated’s Anne V.

Let’s have a day, Matt!

Former MLB pitcher Matt Harvey has his hands full with Monika Clarke

First off, Matt Harvey has a little Nic Cage in him, huh? Didn’t realize it till now, but I’m cool with it.

According to the Post, Clarke is the it woman over at Zero Bond — a Noho members club that’s hosted parties for people like Tom Brady and Elon Musk. Ever heard of them?

Anyway, she’s the head of membership there, and runs a tight ship according to boots on the ground. I’d imagine you’d have to at a place like that.

The 31-year-old is also a mega influencer on Instagram with over 200k followers, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

As for Matt Harvey, our man was electric back in the day — specifically during those Mets playoff and World Series runs.

He had an unreal fall off the cliff, though, and never really recovered. Harvey retired in May after nearly a decade in the big leagues.

According to the Post, he’s now a managing director in Newmark’s Capital Markets Strategies division. Who knew?

What a second act for Harvey.

Written by Zach Dean

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