Rob Gronkowski Calls Out 'Pretender' Dallas Cowboys

Rob Gronkowski is sick and tired of hearing about the Dallas Cowboys.

The former NFL tight end - and future Hall of Famer - knows a thing or two about winning Super Bowls, and he doesn't think the fellas over at Jerry' World have what it takes.

Gronk, who "retired" after last season, called out the Cowboys for "being pretenders every single season" during Sunday's NFL on FOX pregame show.

Rob Gronkowski isn't buying the 'pretender' Dallas Cowboys

Get 'em, Gronk!

Don't let us waste another second of our lives worrying about the Dallas Cowboys, who LOVE putting together great regular seasons only to implode in epic fashion the second the lights come on in January.

Gronkowski ain't buying the hype, and, frankly, he nearly looked like a genius Sunday. The former TE-turned-analyst made those comments just hours before the Cowboys - who were 17-points favorites - nearly lose to the Houston Texans.

Now, to be fair, Gronk also mentions the Minnesota Vikings in his argument against the Cowboys and ... well, the Vikings lost to the Detroit Lions later that day.

So, you win some, you lose some.

The Cowboys, who haven't reached the NFC title game in nearly 30 years, are currently 10-3 and right on track to lose at home in heartbreaking fashion next month on wild card weekend.

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