Jerry Jones ‘Not Confident’ About Odell Beckham’s ACL But Visit With Cowboys Continues

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The Odell Beckham Jr. visit with the Dallas Cowboys continues through its second day on Tuesday and team owner and general manager Jerry Jones admits adding the former Pro Bowl receiver comes with grand possibilities, but he does have one concern:


As in this season.

Jones said on the Sean and R.J. show on Audacy’s 105.3 The Fan Tuesday it’s hard to be confident about signing a player coming off an ACL injury who is not working out for the team.

“Well, I’m not confident, at all,” Jones said. “And so that’s the issue. Now, we all realize that issue of health, that issue of availability is here every time. Just this one is very obvious and very pointed toward his injury that occurred last year in the Super Bowl.

“We’ve got a good bead on that. We’ve got a great read on his career. It’s not like a draft pick coming at you. We’ve got a lot of history here and you take a good look on everything — not only the obvious, which is his performance, but also any issue regarding health.

“We’ve got to come in with our eyes wide open and it has to be addressed and that’s where you see if you can make a deal or not.”

Odell Beckham knee injury ACL
Odell Beckham Jr. injures his knee during Super Bowl LVI in February. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Odell Beckham Injury An Issue For Cowboys

Jones has been burned by signing a player with a significant injury situation in the past. In 1990 Jones traded for running back Alonzo Highsmith despite the fact multiple doctors advised him not do so.

“He never touched the field,” Jones said.

(Actually Highsmith played only seven games for Dallas and was gone by 1991 but the point is valid.)

“At every juncture when you’re looking to make a new contract, the medical is a huge consideration,” Jones said. “And those medicals usually bear out. The question is with the injury, can the injury or the addressing of the injury, be it with equipment or playing with the limitation, what do you have? And all of those are a big consideration. But make no mistake about it, the medicals are big.”

Jones declined to say to what degree Beckham might be able to play this year.

“That’s a point of discussion,” Jones said, adding Beckham has a high degree of mental toughness that would allow him to compete sooner rather than later.

But getting Beckham to contribute this year “is paramount,” Jones said.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants Odell Beckham help this season.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to make sure Odell Beckham can help the team this year before he’s signed. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Jerry Jones Wants Beckham Help This Year

“If this thing works, it’ll improve this team now. It’ll improve it this year. If we don’t have that, then we’re in a positive situation as well. It has to improve us now. That’s a pretty tall order and it has to improve us in a way that not only makes sense this year but as it impacts in the years to come relative to the financial aspect of it.”

Beckham, by the way, is looking for a multi-year contract. He wants to be with a team that allows him a chance to get to the Super Bowl — which is why he’s already visited the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills.

“He fully understands the potential of his opportunity,” Jones said. “The real at the end of the day issue is does it meld with what we want and can have. All those things have to come together. But by no means are we in a position to say we’re close or where we are. We’re just discussing the many options that are there.”

Beckham Meetings Continue With Cowboys

That will apparently be discussed before Beckham leaves the Cowboys facility in Frisco, TX.

“We’ll get back together today and see where things go from here,” Jones said. “These things there are a lot of variable here. A lot of things to consider. And it’s got to fit. I mean that. It does have to fit for both parties.

“There’s no gain here if one or the other — the Cowboys or Odell — doesn’t have it where it feels good after you get it done. You can’t do anything that doesn’t last because this is like getting married. You’re not getting together to have issues after you get together. So we’ve got to make sure we’ve covered all the things that are important to him and important to us.”

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