OBJ Voices Frustration Over Turf That 'Caused' Sterling Shepard's Injury

New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard went down with an injury in the team's 23-16 Monday night loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The culprit — at least according to former Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. — is the Metlife Stadium turf.

Shepard suffered a non-contact injury on the Giants' last offensive snap of the game which was later diagnosed as a torn ACL. He's now expected to miss the rest of the season and this injury comes less than a year after he dealt with an Achilles injury.

OBJ — who is currently a free agent — took to Twitter and commented on the video of Shepard going down to question why MetLife Stadium doesn't use real grass.

"Just get rid of it all the fkngether bro. Billions made off this game I can’t understand why we can’t play on grass. That shxt is rough. Prayers up for my brother. Shxt just hurt my heart," Beckham wrote, followed by the bandaged-head emoji.

OBJ makes a strong case. There's not much to defend stadiums going with artificial turf based on the amount of money the league pulls in. Of course, turf is more cost-effective, and for the most part that's what the league cares the most about; the bottom line.

However, when players go down with none-contact injuries — presumably because of turf — at what point is worth switching to real grass? Yeah, it's more expensive to maintain, but if it's a bit safer and keeps the league's top players on the field, isn't that worth the investment?

Odell Becham Jr. seems to agree with that and it's probably safe to assume that Sterling Shepard would too.

Before his injury, Shepard had 154 yards after being targeted 24 times through the first three games of the year.

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