Joy Reid Blasts Her Cackle As Sexist Guest Tells Rep. Lauren Boebert To Join OnlyFans

Democratic strategist Kurt Bardella recommends that Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) turn to pornography should she lose the down-to-wire Colorado House race against Adam Frisch.

Bardella made the suggestion on set with MSNBC host Joy Reid, who responded with a blaring cackle.

"What’s the meaning if Lauren Boebert, the second most popular QAnon congressperson in MAGA, what if she loses?" Reid asked

“I guess there might be a gain for OnlyFans if ," Bardella responded.

Sounds a little sexist to say such a thing about a woman on "ReidOut," a program that purports to fight for women who are victims of disparaging comments.

“Liberals even suck at feminism," Boebert responded to Bardella in a tweet. "Can y’all do anything right?”

Bardella followed in line with frequent MSNBC guest Elie Mystal, the goofy-looking man who uses racial slurs to refer to Hershel Walker. On Wednesday, Mystal tweeted the following message before quickly deleting it:

"Is... Lauren Boebert still losing? I guess this is the lucky day of the next OnlyFans star Ted Cruz thinks should be a Congressperson."

Are MSNBC personalities misogynistic --- and racist? We know the latter is true. Sure, the network fired Tiffany Cross but still does employ Joy Reid, who at least plays a racist on television.

Not ideal for a network that spends ample time calling one side of the country racist and misogynistic.

In fact, no one had claimed to have less tolerance for sexism than Bardella, who just unmasked himself as a proponent of the sexual objectification of women:


The horny meathead tried to defend his misogynistic comment by calling his critics misogynistic in a Twitter thread Thursday:

“I have zero appetite for the faux-outrage coming from the MAGA-ites because we all know they don’t give a rip about sexism, misogyny or equality. They are hypocrites of the first order. Just look at their standard-bearer," he posts.

"I know you are sexist, but what am I," the meathead likely said to himself as he tweeted his above message.

Kurt Bardella and Joy Reid's hopes to subscribe to a Lauren Boebert OnlyFans page took a hit Thursday afternoon when the congresswoman pulled ahead of Adam Frisch with 98% of votes reporting.

How dare those damn MAGA-ites object to MSNBC telling a congresswoman to turn to pornography?

Do Reid and Bardella suggest multi-time losers Beto O'Rourke and Stacey Abrams join OnlyFans?

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