Joy Reid Accuses Ron DeSantis of 'Killing Children'

Earlier this year, MSNBC host Joy Reid connected -- without any evidence -- Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to a sex trafficking ring. Reid's efforts quickly failed. However, like any ambitious scumbag, Reid is still at it. This week, Reid announced on air that DeSantis is now seeking to kill your children because he is against mandating masks in schools.

She has so deluded herself that Reid asked Tim Miller about the strategy behind "killing children in your own state and letting children die of COVID."

"I think the strategy, as macabre as this sounds, is project strength at all costs, own the libs at all costs. And that's what it comes down to," Miller said. "It doesn't come down to policy. They're not counting the numbers of how many people are dead or alive. They're not concerned about the well-being of their own citizens."

"It's how can I project that I'm against Joy Reid, that I'm against Dr. Fauci, that I'm against the elites, that I'm against the people on the coast, and the Brown folks and the Black folks? That's it. That's all this is about. They're doing that at the expense of their own citizens. And here is the other thing, Joy: they know better," he goes on.

Killing children, huh? There is no data that suggests children are at risk of death if schools don't mandate masks this year. None. But of course, Joy Reid is not looking for facts. She never does.

MSNBC and CNN's ratings have collapsed without Donald Trump in office, and the two cable news networks have finally realized that Tucker Carlson, a competing host, is not a replacement for Donald Trump. So, they have selected a new target, Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has governed so well since the start of the pandemic that kooks in the media are forced to manufacture scandals about him so they can cast him in a negative light. If the media has to lie about someone, you know they have nothing on him.

In the spring, 60 Minutes traded in its remaining credibility to air a hit piece that alleged -- without any proof -- that DeSantis was funneling the state's coronavirus vaccines to the rich. Again, CBS lied, and they were proud of it.

Ron DeSantis is not involved in sex trafficking; he's not murdering children; and, he did not withhold the vaccine from poor, minority communities. What a bizarre, but necessary sentence to print

Joy Reid is a despicable human being. And a liar. She's atrocious, even by MSNBC standards.

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