Howard Stern Is Upset Mask Mandates Are Being Lifted

Howard Stern has hardly left his house since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. And now he fears that, at his next doctor appointment, he may come across a maskless New Yorker.

In Stern's mind, mask mandates should remain in place for months to come.

“The reason they’ve lifted these mask mandates is because we gave into this small minority of people who are completely out of their fucking mind, who think masks are some sort of prison sentence,” Stern said on his radio show Wednesday.

“When they focus on those battles, then that becomes big news and politicians get scared,” Stern goes on. “So many wackos. I miss the old Republican Party. Used to be nice to have a two party system. Now it’s wackos versus, you know, Democrats. The wacko party!"

“I hate to say it, only 65% of Americans are fully vaccinated and I can’t help but think — the wackos are winning," Stern declares.

Stern is an embarrassment. In addition to demanding endless mask mandates, Stern has also recently berated Oprah Winfrey for celebrating Christmas and begged the federal government to step in and punish the unvaccinated.

What happened to Howard Stern? How did this once fearless voice of common sense become such a broken coward? Like others, COVID hysteria ruined him. Not COVID, COVID hysteria.

We discussed this topic in a column early this year. In short:

Howard Stern is not well. His behavior is not sane by any account. Critics may say that Stern has contributed to this COVID hysteria — and he has — but he’s not the cause of it. He’s an effect of it.

Supposed medical experts and dutiful newscasters have turned this once fearless rebel into a frightened rodent wobbling around his house.

How does that happen? How can the same man who lived to stick it to the Man become such a sniveling shill for the establishment and Big Pharma? To understand Stern’s state of mind, you must imagine that you have believed everything Dr. Fauci, Joe Biden, the media, and medical experts have told us about COVID and the vaccine.

Those like Stern have bought into the lies. They believe that a random Wuhan bat caused this virus that now threatens mankind. Oh and that a simple, harmless vaccine is the solution to end it all.

You can read the piece in full here:

Stern is a shell of what he used to be. He used to be brave and curious, one of the few truly independent voices. Stern is now afraid and reliant on the government's authority. He's no different than the many broadcasters he made a career of deriding.


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