Howard Stern Has Gone Off the Deep End

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The COVID-19 pandemic has ruined Howard Stern. Not because it killed him, it didn’t. But it has greatly terrified him and changed his way of living. Stern has hardly left his house since the start of the spread, as he often reminds listeners on his radio show.

What’s more, Stern has no patience for the people who don’t fear the virus to the degree he does. That includes Oprah Winfrey, whom Stern says he has been monitoring on Instagram.

Winfrey recently shared videos of her holiday parties on social, and Stern found her actions dangerous and bothersome.

“I’m really amazed by Oprah, I really am. On her Instagram she likes to take you into her house where every night of Christmas is a big party like a celebration and she flies in a different chef,” Stern said on SiriusXM. “It’s getting very confusing to me. I see what’s going on with COVID.

“Everyone’s got it. Everyone’s sick. People have a 104 fever. I don’t want to have a 104 fever. I don’t want to get sick, so I’m hiding. But everyone else is out running around. I see Oprah is having dinner parties.”

Damn her. How dare she celebrate Christmas amid the omicron spread?

Stern’s issues expand well beyond Oprah Winfrey. On Tuesday, Stern lashed out at all unvaccinated Americans, claiming they have turned the U.S. into a third-world country:

“Believe me, this here is turning into a third-world country because of the f***ing morons we have living here. It’s a sad commentary on my country.”

Got that?

“This is my country. I’ve got too many morons living here. We could be past a lot of this COVID business,” Stern goes on.

But that’s not true of course. Individuals are contracting COVID, regardless of vaccination status.

Stern cites “freedom” as the true threat.

“Now I’m not into freedom,” Stern adds. “I don’t feel good about what’s going on in my country. I might have to run just to clean this f***ing mess up.”

So Howard Stern is a broken man. Strangely, Stern has abandoned the marketplace demand he created, the need for independent thinkers and honest voices. He’s a shell of his former self. He’s a fragile man living in fear. Howard Stern embodies the type of beta he warned us of in the 90s.

It’s true — Oprah Winfrey is now a braver mind than Howard Stern because she chooses to celebrate Christmas. That’s all it takes.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    • I used to listen to Stern back in the day when he had balls. He and his show were funny as hell. Now he’s just a woke gangly dickhead sellout who has daddy issues.
      Oprah is the one I don’t get. Why do so many White women swoon over her? She’s appears to be these women’s Svengali. Talk about cashing in on what appears to be no talent and an average intellect.

  1. Dear Elitist Howard,
    I forcefully received the vaccine that you feel every single person should have “to stop the spread”, which has proven to be 100% incorrect. Well, I spiked a 104.7 fever and nearly had my wife drag me to the hospital after the second jab. I didn’t want a 104 fever either but it about killed me, not the virus that I’ve navigated. I’m in a startup company and was one of the few people flying around, staying in hotels when it was me and 4 others last year. Never did I get sick until I took the second jab!

    “Everyone’s got it. Everyone’s sick. People have a 104 fever. I don’t want to have a 104 fever.” – Elitist Howard Stern

  2. “Now I’m not into freedom, I don’t feel good about what’s going on in my country. I might have to run just to clean this f***ing mess up.”

    Run for what? His governor is Kathy Hochul who is the one of the most authoritarian politicians in the US when it comes to COVID policy. Is he seriously planning to run on a policy of even more lockdowns and restrictions than New York has already imposed?

    I hope he actually does run. I’d love to see him throw away a couple million dollars on a campaign that never had a chance from the get-go.

  3. I thought I was a Howard Stern lifer. Early on he was low brow humor. Fart jokes, make fun of Hollywood, mix in some strippers, porn stars and and interview with Beetlejuice and I loved it. And I like his style of interviewing once he started getting the bigger stars to come on. He is a good interviewer. He’s always said things I didn’t agree with with but I was still entertained by him. But once 2020 rolled around and the Trump election drew closer and covid hit he went off the deep end and I couldn’t believe I was tuning him off for the first time in 30 years and now he’s an after thought for me. Damn shame!

  4. Fuck Howard. He’s a whiney little bitch that wants to force everyone to get the death jab just bc he was tricked into believing it was the end all be all to eradicate Covid. They lied to you Howard, and your either to proud or to stupid to admit it. The more the world gets vaccinated the more the virus will mutate and eventually be a super virus and the only people left will be the unvaccinated because the vaccine makes you more susceptible to getting Covid. So how do you feel about that dummy.

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