Elon Musk Calls Out Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship As Twitter Execs Cry

Big Tech has been brought to tears over Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter. 

And not the good kind ... the I may lose my job kind.

Politico released an article on Tuesday detailing a top Twitter exec's emotional breakdown during a meeting when she informed Twitter employees of Musk's acquisition.

Musk spotted the report on his new play-thing and wagged a finger from his Iron Throne.

He responded to the story and condemned the exec (Vijaya Gadde) for playing a role in censoring the New York Post back in 2020 over the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Musk tweeted that Twitter's suspension of the Post during the presidential election cycle "was incredibly inappropriate" — drawing a firm line in the sand with Twitter's new shift in policy regarding speech and misinformation. 

The message was pertinent to Gadde, who is considered Twitter's 'moral authority' based on her power to ban users.

Gadde helped lead the charge in banning former President Donald J. Trump from Twitter.

Big Tech's suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop report proved to be all about timing and not information.

While the Post was credible in its reporting on then-presidential candidate Joe Biden's son, Twitter and the rest of the media covered it up only when Biden and Trump's publicity mattered.

Fixing Twitter's image after its severe violation of the First Amendment by banning the Post is a focus for Musk in his new regime.

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley also acknowledged Gadde's despair on Tuesday.

"The Twitter employee crying in this story?" Hawley said. "The same one who led the charge to censor the Hunter Biden laptop reporting. Says it all."

Hawley then asked Elon to "open the books" on Twitter's shadow banning operations, which has largely affected conservative figures.

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