Clay Travis: Mainstream Media ‘Not Willing To Cover’ Hunter Biden Story

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Mainstream media outlets ABC, CBS and NBC claim to be unbiased sources of news, but their actual reporting suggests otherwise.

As OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out Monday night, the three major networks have completely ignored the bombshell story linking Hunter Biden and possibly President Joe Biden, to illegal overseas business dealings with powerful officials and businessmen in exchange for access to the White House.

Would a scandal involving the president’s son, his laptop, and perhaps POTUS himself have been ignored even five or ten years ago? Hell. No.

But we’re living in 2022, a time in which the liberal mainstream media and the Democrat Party have convenient bouts of selective hearing and sudden blindness.

“The same people (reporting about Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas) are not willing to cover actual news that Hunter Biden, alongside of his father, may have been selling access to the office (of the presidency),” said Travis.

Even though the liberal New York Times has finally admitted (18 months after the New York Post broke the news) that the Biden laptop exists and ought to be reported, mainstream television networks have gone nearly a year without mentioning the president’s pervy son and his laptop of lies.

“ABC, CBS and NBC have not covered Hunter Biden in 259 days,” noted Travis.

“259 days, ABC, CBS and NBC have not covered any aspect of Hunter Biden. Tell me how that is not the definition of left wing propaganda. They’re covering Ginni Thomas’ text messages like crazy. (But) they haven’t even mentioned Hunter Biden’s name in 259 days. Even though he is being presently investigated by a grand jury for potentially many different felonies.”

Travis then capped his comments by reminding viewers that media outlets that ignore stories that don’t fit their narrative are “the definition of a biased media.”

Some might even call it the blind leading the blind.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. CCP at work here. In 2020 (probably 2021 etc too) Chinese companies (CCP) paid $1M per month to this nation’s 4 largest newpapers (NY Times, Chicago Sun, WAPO and LA Times) to report propaganda for a foreign nation. Think about that. Everything that happened in the world since 2020, our four largest newspapers reported through the lens of the CCP. Picking and choosing what stories to publish or not. Covid, BLM, wars, Biden laptop, etc etc all of it.

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