What Is McDonald’s Grimace Shake And Why Are Kids On TikTok Obsessed With Making Videos About It?

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McDonald’s recently announced an addition to its menu. It’s called the Grimace Shake and it’s purple in color. Gen Z’ers on TikTok are absolutely obsessed with drinking the shake and then pretending to die in increasingly ridiculous ways.

I’m fairly embarrassed to admit this, but I kind of love the videos. I am not a frequent TikTok user. Probably too old. My younger sisters, both more than a decade younger than I, are always on TikTok.

The only reason I saw the videos is because Grimace Shake was trending on Twitter. And, to be honest, I went to McDonald’s recently and had some interest in trying the shake myself.

McDonald's introduced the Grimace Shake and TikTok users are obsessed with making videos about it.
McDonald’s introduced the Grimace Shake and TikTok users are obsessed with making videos about it. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Macy’s, Inc.)

So, I thought, I’ll click on the Grimace Shake trend and see what the deal is. I was ill-prepared for what I was about to watch. And watch for about an hour, to be perfectly frank.

Like most viral TikTok trends, no one knows how it started. But the main premise is that the Grimace Shake kills people. And it kills them in increasingly dark and disturbing ways as each young person attempts to out-do the one before him.

McDonald’s new Grimace Shake leads to insanely viral TikTok trend

Here were some of my personal favorites.

Now McDonald’s is getting thousands of hours of free promotion via these TikTok videos. And, if I’m being honest, I now really want to try a Grimace Shake.

Apparently, it’s the first new shake flavor added to the McDonald’s menu in five years. It is a mix of berry and vanilla ice cream so it has a bit of a berry flavor.

That makes sense, I’d expect a purple Grimace Shake to have a berry flavor. But I’d rather try it myself. So, I’ll probably do that.

But don’t expect me to make a TikTok about it.

Although, I might.

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