Woman ‘Too Pretty’ To Work At McDonald’s Quit To Make Content On OnlyFans

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Melanie Collett, 20, has left her low paying job at McDonald’s for greener pastures. The greener pastures known as OnlyFans. She went from making around $7 an hour at the fast food restaurant to more than $1,800 a day creating exclusive content.

The reason for the career change was that she was “too pretty” for the job that she had. Collett claims that her manager at the Edinburgh McDonald’s hated her because of her looks and would bully her.

Melanie Collett Quit Job At McDonald's To Make Content On OnlyFans
Woman quit job at McDonald’s for OnlyFans (Image Credit: Melanie Collett)

She says those in charge would also send her to the store to buy products to take her makeup off and remove her fake nails. Her co-workers were much nicer to her. Some of them flirted with her and encouraged her to go the exclusive content route before she quit.

Collett is getting the last laugh since making the move to OnlyFans. She said, “Most of my colleagues flirted with me and a few of them had said to me I should do OnlyFans before I left. And a couple of them buy my content now.”

No word on if the manager who hated her is one of her subscribers. But she shared her thoughts on what it was like to work for him. After revealing that some co-workers are paying customers she said, “But my manager hated me. I’m sure it’s because I was pretty.”

Collett added, “He was a horrible bully of a man but I never let him put me down. We all had to wear the same outfit but I would always make sure I had my makeup done or eyelashes.”

Some Were Just Born To Make OnlyFans Content

“I did used to get my nails done but they used to make me walk round to Boots to get acetone to take them off.”

Her work uniform these days are a little more revealing and fake nails, makeup, and eyelashes are all welcome. Maybe even preferred by some subscribers.

It warms the heart doesn’t it? Another woman too pretty to work a regular job saved by the internet and the craze of paying for someone’s exclusive content, which oftentimes means nudes.

What a time to be alive. Just think a few short years ago being too pretty for a job meant you would be fired.

Possibly tossed out on the unemployment line. Left to fend for yourself. Stuck looking for a new job where your good looks would be used against you.

Those days are over. Finally there are options for good looking people. Gone are the days of being stuck in a cubicle or forced to take ugly people’s orders. The future has finally arrived.

Written by Sean Joseph

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